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    12th Oct 2013 Escape from the mansion, Dragons

    by , 10-12-2013 at 02:25 PM (458 Views)
    Dream recall from today's WBTB/naps.

    Dream 1:

    There was some story and i was observing it. Main character was visiting a mansion and there was festival going on and then some kind of virus got released which started transforming everyone into various anthro creatures, then some orgainsation attacked the mansion but anthro fox appeared and helped main character to escape from red cybernetic dogs.
    They were going around the streets quickly and at one point they have briefly noticed a dragon in the distance. Then they have found some people from organisation and two red cyber-dogs combined and transformed into a cyborg person that looked like a scientist. Main char and anthro fox managed to escape again and now were jumping between lamp posts while talking. They decided to find dragons and ask them for help. Soon they have found one and asked him for help, he told them to follow him.
    After a while of following they have reached an icy place near sea and there were alot of dragons of various sizes, main character noticed a blue dragon that looked familiar to him, he asked him and he said that he was in hiding the mansion.

    Dream 2(fragments):

    I was playing some game that looked like Terraria except it was about dragons, we were in the jungle biome and were fighting ridiculously huge worm-like enemy(Bigger than anything in the game IWL, i'd say he had the width of 5 Destroyers and twice their length).

    Dream 3(fragments):

    I was at home and there was some talk then i was going to some place and there was some ad.

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