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    15th Nov 2013 More video game mix

    by , 11-16-2013 at 02:44 PM (497 Views)
    Dream 1(fragments):

    I was in some forest place and was going somewhere.

    Dream 2(fragments):

    I was playing some game with caps lock'd name for which to work developer had to connect using phone and players had to connect using IRC. Then in game i was exploring some lava lake with semi-ruined roads built above it. I was searching for some items and then used wall around level to reach some secret area.

    Dream 3:

    I was playing some video game that was a mix of games. It was also coop and we have entered a complex of various buildings, we have started exploring it and found some secret weapons, there was also an area going through which was turning game into a shmup and we had to fight off waves of enemies.
    Then back at complex we have found some very dark areas with some kind of aura, we used some lighting sources to find way and collect some books, then after done with that i've opened wireframe 3D map of the complex and noticed spiral knights-like elevators in a few places. One of them was leading to a 'Secret Mortal Kombat Area' and was locked.
    We continued to the eastern part of the complex and suddenly game turned to be like serious sam 3, we were in a place surrounded by ruins and with a house in the middle. Lots of enemies started appearing and there were score multiplier items that could be also destroyed by enemies. Soon house exploded and massive cyberdemon-like enemy appeared which we ha to fight as well. We defeated it and a helicopter arrived, which was the end of the mission. I was still curious about elevator secret place and continued exploring. I 've found an underwater passage which lead to some kind of shipyard where i had to dodge huge moving blocks.

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