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    17th Aug 2013 Various video game fragments

    by , 08-17-2013 at 11:57 PM (460 Views)
    Dream 1(fragment):

    There was some video game where i had to search something and there was something about dragons.

    Dream 2(fragments):

    I was in some game and i was in snowy forest, i was on some quest and i had inventory full of items, then there was a shop which had various weapons and i was trying to figure out an upgrade path to add one massive laser cannon to my weapon collection. Ended up looking through various tiers of laser weapons in shop, including heat beam weapon, some green laser gun, a few small laser guns, and another huge black-red laser cannon which i believed to be prerequisite for the one i am looking for. Also i lacked alot of items that were required for crafting anyway. Then i went ahead to continue on the quest and was going through some wooden building areas.

    Dream 3:

    I was playing some FPS game that was mix of different games. I was on coop mission with somebody(3 people) and we were going through some tech complex. It was rather mazey and at times looked like doom, at one point i was even using minigun from skulltag port to gun down a few enemies including an archvile that could become invisible. Then we had to solve a few switch puzzles and were going through some area guarded by turrets. Then there was room with teleports and i screwed up and ended up back at the level start. I had to go through level again, but then there was one jumping puzzle that was not there before. It involved climbing ladder to the top of the room and jumping on air planes that were suspended in the air. First few jumps were easy, but then there was another jump that involved something about jetpack according to tip, and also there was random drunk demoman from TF2 who was giving free parachutes even though falling damage was non-existent in the game.

    Dream 4(fragments):

    I was playing different FPS game where i was going through some complex of skyscraper buildings, then i went outside of complex and there were some strange creatures and i could select one of them to have as a pet, and i selected some red spikey creature. Interestingly they were named after pokemon but didn't looked like ones at all. After that, wave of enemies appeared and we had to fight together versus it.

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    1. EnterDOT's Avatar
      Wow, that's awesome! Also, how did the graphics look?
      Scionox likes this.
    2. Scionox's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by EnterDOT
      Wow, that's awesome! Also, how did the graphics look?
      Usually my video game dreams either are similar to an actual games, when they are based on any at least, or somewhat improved. In Doom/TF2 case it was similar to original, in others more realistic with fragments of graphics of various style, shop used simple 2D icons for example.