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    24th Sep 2013 Random game and Surviving a nuke

    by , 09-24-2013 at 11:01 PM (445 Views)
    Got random lucid during normal sleep, low awareness though, couldn't remember goals and stuff. The part of dream before it though... quite an experience i should say.

    Dream 1:

    I was playing a game and apparently it was some kind of MMO, i've just created character and had just starting equipment, which was some kind of dagger. I was playing with somebody and he knew a number of things about the game, and i couldn't even figure out the HUD for some reason. We had to fight through various enemies and during looting i've found random dagger, which looked almost exactly like mine, but i've decided to use it instead. It was dealing massive damage to enemies, even more so than any weapon of who i was playing with.
    After some more fights we came across a shop, which was still full of enemies. After cleaning it and accidentally cutting shopkeeper a few times, which he ignored due to being mostly invincible NPC, we checked shop itself. I had like 10k ish coins while other player had like 10 million. He bough some stuff and i've bought custom dagger crafting, menu appeared where i could select a few options and elements and then i've got new dagger, it costed 10k though. Testing it on nearby enemies i've found out that it's much weaker than the one i found, then i figured out how to look up stats. Well the dagger i've found had like +250 to attack, of attack base of dagger being 10... Waste of 10k coins.
    We went on further and soon reached some sky island/castle area, we went through a few jumping puzzles and soon were in. There were no enemies here and it was kinda empty. I found two big tall areas with spiraling staircases, one of which had sky embedded in it somehow, looked pretty cool.

    Dream 2:

    I am at home with family and we are talking about some things, that continues for a while until i hear someone announcing something through speaker from a helicopter passing by, it was something about incoming nuke. Everyone but me starts panicking, and then a minute later, i see a huge missile coming, it hits somewhere nearby and there's sound of huge explosion. More people panic, but i just stay and say "Well then... good bye, this world". It starts getting really hot and soon the 'wave' of explosion itself hits. Everything turns into rubble and people burn to bones. My body is in pain and quite burned, but i am apparently still mostly ok. I slowly walk through rubble, still in pain, soon i reach the 'edge' of explosion, which is still exploding, and i jump out of it. Some random person comes and then suddenly i am in a room with lots of tables, there are other people who survived apparently, or something.
    Confused for a second, i think, it could be a dream or something, i ask that person and he says something along the line "Only you can know".
    Yeah ofcourse, i should do reality check, so i do it and look at my hands, they are pretty weird and different number of fingers so yes, this is dream. I try hard to think of what to do but for some reason not much comes to mind... Then thought of dream food comes and i just go 'Well, why not?'. I ask nearby DC to get me some food of his choice, he goes away and i wait for him sitting near table. He comes back with a glass of what looks like milk, i drink a bit but it don't tastes much, i ask DC what's that and he responds with something along the line of "You should know". Then dream quickly fades and i wake up.
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