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    28th Aug 2013 Video game mix

    by , 08-29-2013 at 12:22 AM (354 Views)
    Dream 1(fragments):

    There was some video game with dragons.

    Dream 2:

    I was playing some Doom mod, coop with somebody. We were going through some locations, mostly through some kind of underground complex, and fighting enemies. I've had some energy based weapons and was doing fairly well.
    Then we have reached outside area, it was an area with four blocky houses surrounded by a desert, we had to go through each one to solve some switch puzzles and fight enemies, then there was area surrounded by walls near one of houses where we had to fight lots of big enemies like mancubuses on a few elevator platforms. Then also there were some custom enemies, one of them being hell knight with 4 legs that continued to fight as 'floating' body after losing legs and was pretty quick. Then in another house i've found a few secrets including machinegun with poison bullets that i identified as really rare, the entry into secret area was located in one of houses and through semi-hidden passage located in one of mazes in the house. Also i've found another powerful weapon in different secret area.
    As we continued with the level game suddenly switched to be spiral knights, i've still had the secret weapon, which in here acted like strike needle, but with continuous, a bit slower, fire and ability to move while firing. It was pretty powerful and dealt decent damage to mechas despite being piercing damage type.
    Shortly we were back to area with houses and now game switched to be some kind of 3D platformer, after going through some jumping puzzles i got inside another building, there was a portal which lead into some different dimension. It was kinda peaceful dimension with platforms on top of the trees, filled with various treasures. After a while a cutscene started, which shown some female character shouting on the top of one of fur houses and holding a feather. Then some parrot flies in and says that it's his feather and asks to get it back.

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