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    28th July 2013 Random MSPA-styleish dream

    by , 07-28-2013 at 10:52 PM (349 Views)
    Not much of recall today, ended up easily falling back to sleep when trying to recall and sleeping schedule got a bit broken again, need to fix it.

    There was some game with story about some kids and their parents, MSPA-style. There were various locations including some blue maze that everyone was going through, in maze there was some talk.
    Then there was some snowy mountain area, through which they were getting using some huge snowmobile/tank hybrids, then on the top they talked to a dragon who was hiding in human form and who tells them some kind of truth about the world. They then moved through few locations and ended up at some kind of farm place, where they met parents again and talked to them.
    Kids went on through more locations, getting some kind of special powers and then reaching some army base. Officer here tried to get them to drink various alcohol drinks and almost succeed, but GWG appeared out of nowhere and started posting some crazy stuff and walls of texts, distracting everyone, and then made portal archway and disappeared through it. One of kids with most special powers realizes something and moves through portal as well, others follow him. They end up getting teleported just barely few meters away from the archway and dragon, that's hiding in human form, facepalms while watching for them.
    Soon they reach some city, with red on white color theme. More cutscenes start and kids's parents end up spontaneously exploding, then some witch appears to be behind everything and the final fight starts in one of the buildings, which ends up being really gimmicky with various challenges.

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