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    Scionox's Journal of Dreams

    3rd Nov 2013 Fragments

    by , 11-04-2013 at 02:38 PM (295 Views)
    Dream 1(fragments):

    I was at K.'s home(Which i've never seen) and apparently it was my home too? There were many rooms and we were moving stuff from one to another.

    Dream 2(fragments):

    I was reading a review of a bizarre video game that was some platformer themed about pole dancing and stuff like that.

    Dream 3(fragment):

    I was playing some rts.

    Dream 4(fragments):

    I was playing some game and i was assaulting enemy base. There were huge guard towers and i've used heavy machine gun and flares that summoned kamikazi paratroopers.

    Dream 5(fragments):

    I was playing pretty dark 2D platformer with no vertical scroll.

    Dream 6(fragments):

    I was playing some RPG game with player classes, coop together with SilentEternity. Game graphics looked anime-ish and we were easily fighting through enemies and bosses. Then there was final boss, a witch, which was huge difficulty spike in game and had 999 HP, we tried changing player classes and in last attempt managed to get her down to like 500.

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