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    4th Sep 2013 School, Video games and Boss fights

    by , 09-05-2013 at 01:40 AM (343 Views)
    Sleeping schedule, where are you. First dream was fairly long.

    Dream 1(fragments):

    I was apparently at school and there was some kind of test going on about which i didn't cared. Then there was something about languages and the fact that i have used english everywhere, then i was talking to some people and there was something about some small red mech things. After that i was wandering around through some other rooms.

    Dream 2(fragments):

    I was playing some multiplayer platformer with some people and we were going through some metallic place full of traps and fighting some robot things. We had jetpacks and at some point there was something about falling down invisible stairs.

    Dream 3(fragments):

    I was browsing some illustrated forum game and then joining it, there were three other players and we were entering some building owned by some organization and then our team had to split up a few times and three of us had to fight some humanoid robots and one of them was one of organization's leaders. The fights were done like in RtD and we had lots of potions.

    Dream 4:

    I was playing some game that was made around shmup creation and it was multiplayer. At first i was trying to figure out how to make stuff and there was some coding involved and i have created some simple boss fight. I've been looking through some other creations and fought some grey spaceship-style boss, and then later i joined someone and she decided to show me some other creation which apparently was 3D boss fight. It was kinda chase, spaceship-like playership vs tank-like boss, on the road. At first tank spammed waves of weak enemies in lines while i had to get close enough to be able to attack him, they died in one hid but there were hordes of them and they all flied parallel. Soon second phase started where tank attacked with aimed shots from his cannon and was speeding around trying to ram my ship, at which he almost succeeded at one point, but as i was shooting him the phase went down quickly. Third phase he fired his main cannon which was some kind of huge homing laser, but i point-blank'ed it after it fired and destroyed the phase in seconds.

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