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    6th Sep 2013 Long dream, Cakes and a random fragment

    by , 09-06-2013 at 10:48 PM (366 Views)
    Dream 1:

    I was in group and we were searching through the forest for towns. Eventually we have found first one and started search for specific building, but haven't found it, we went out for the next town. On the way we were talking about various things and also i have seen a dragon. Soon we have reached another town and there was somebody who said that one of towns has every kind of building except for building we were searching for, but as we looked around this town was not that kind of town and we finally have found the building.
    I went back to home, someone decided to party and bought special 'party kit'. So at home the party started and we were eating alot of cakes that were from party kit, then there was 'mini-game' where there were flying mini-cakes that one should eat before they bite, i ofcourse nommed them all, yummy. Then there were more various 'challenging' cakes.
    Then somebody started telling a story and i started seeing it happen, it was a story about some boy that visited some dude in weird multicolored suit that was apparently his uncle or something, and after some talk he gave him a small furry creature with bat-like wings. Then the story shifted to another place, there was another boy. He was talking about a dragon that will become a king once he grows up, and indeed, there was a little dragon with him. Then the story shifted again and there was that furry creature with bat-like wings in a cage. He broke out of the cage after avoiding fire and then grabbed into floating platform, then he glided from platform to platform all while somebody was commenting "He's not super strong, but strong enough, he can't truly fly, but can still navigate in the air.". In the end he reached place where multicolored dude was, thus connecting it to the previous story.

    Dream 2(fragments):

    I was playing spiral knights with MC apparently, and i was talking with him about actions in one forum game. We were fighting enemies in a room with two spire floors and then we randomly started talking about dragons.
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