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    7th July 2013 Warcraft 2, AI War, Forum game and short lucid

    by , 07-07-2013 at 12:19 PM (530 Views)
    Dream recall from today's nap.

    Dream 1:

    I was playing warcraft 2 with K and SilentEternity, we ahd bases grouped together on the southern part of the map, enemies had few bases on the southern part as well, and more bases on northern part, separated from us by the lake. Our main buildings apparently could produce any air units right from the start, i started making basic buildings and a dragon, K was making helicopters for scouting but they were taking way too long for some reason, so i said to not worry about scouting, i then build two zeppelins really quick as well as two mini-flying soldiers apparently, then another dragon. My zeppelins and flying soldiers scout the map and since fog of war was turned off soon the whole map got revealed, zeppelins had weird teleporting ability. I send dragons at nearest enemy.

    Dream 2:

    There was an AI War update(in dream) apparently that added some weird map types and a bunch of new stuff as well as changing some bits of interface and fixing some things. I started the game and the galaxy map... looked like it was ground map of some city. There were 'buildings' controlled by AI that could be accessed from certain wormholes, also they had effects when captured as well as when under AI control, some building was adding AIP of all things.
    Next change i noticed was that all scouts had same max cap of 24, and also building interface was different, the mk1 units were on the top and mk3 on the bottom. I started scouting planets and remembered about another part of an update, AI owned planets right next to starting homeworld started 'disabled', meaning not having guard posts and even AI fleet, until station on any of them would be destroyed, then they would start building guard posts and getting reinforcements.
    I was trying to scout through but i remembered the part of update that added mini-exo waves that were spawned if any unit goes through further than 'disabled' planets without capturing at least one. I send my fleet to capture it then made more scouts and sent them to scout more planets, but their pathfinding failed and i had to retarget them a few times.

    Dream 3:

    I was reading some forum game with images, which was about some man who got lost in city, when then everyone disappeared and it got dark. He was trying to search for everyone but then some woman appears and tries to kill him with hammer.
    That's as far as forum game updates went, then i got distracted for a bit with some other page, but as i returned there were more posts, man managed to get out of situation and was exploring some basement, two other players were allowed to join as some kind of ghosts to help him< sending actions through PM, one of users was named 'moomoo' or something like that.
    Finishing reading, i look around and notice lots various chocolate foods on the bed in bags.
    I realize that i must be dreaming and decide to try one of foods because why not, i try to get one from bag but bag gets empty and foods teleport into another one. Then some voice distracts me and i lose lucidity, but i still have strange feeling. I go to the door and open it. Some person walks straight out of the door itself after i open it, making me go 'Huh' and reminding me that i am dreaming. He goes away, i say 'Wait' and then dream fades out and i wake up.

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