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    1. 10th Sep 2013 WILD fail and WILD success, TOTM attempt too

      by , 09-10-2013 at 02:39 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's WBTB/naps.

      Had almost WILD where i got to transition with HH of someone entering room and trying to wake me up, but didn't got any further than that.

      Then the second nap, same HH but this time with voice: 'Wake up". I wake up into dream and get up from the bed, i look around and nobody seems to be here and location of stuff in room seems to be different, i shift to quadruped stance and remember about TOTM, going on the walls/ceiling thing. I go onto the wall easily but when reaching the ceiling i get confused my position and then i am back on the floor, well then. I go towards the door and attempt to finish shift, door becomes slightly reflective and i see something blurry and shortly i feel pain out of sudden, then dream fades out. In dark, i focus my will on getting it back.
      I wake up and do RC, hands weird so still dreaming, i go towards balco-... well there's no balcony but just exit outside for some reason, on ground level. I go outside and look around then i end up losing lucidity and start walking on streets and talking to random DCs, then shortly i wake up.

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    2. 7th Apr 2013 AI Factory, Two factions, Mutant with lots of eyes, Basic TOTM II

      by , 04-07-2013 at 06:44 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's naps, also done TOTM.

      Dream 1(fragment):

      I was on my PC, visiting dreamviews and posting some stuff.

      Dream 2(fragment):

      I was in some kind of futuristic city, i was in group and we were cleaning some kind of factory from some kind of creatures. Later on we were in different building talking to the AI that controlled the factory. The creatures returned to the factory, but before we could fight them again, AI blocked our way and we just had to watch robots dealing with them.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I was discussing something with family and then there was scene where some dude was researching 'safe' snakes with very weak bite. Later on we were looking out of the window and there, there were two factions of creatures fighting on the neighboring building, one of them were some kind of 'rodents'. Everyone was suggesting to bomb the place, but i wanted to save 'rodents'. Then dad came and his eyes were weird, like split in two. I shouted that he's "one of them"(presumably the other faction of two) in disguise, he said 'how so?' and his eyes moved 'inside' leaving eye sockets empty. Then shortly there were four eyes, For some reason i started counting them, after i counted they were split again to eight, i counted again, then sixteen, his face was slowly mutating into some fleshy bloody mutated thing and then eyes were split again, thirty two, and then after i counted that, again, sixty four. Dream started destabilizing and i realized that and quickly rubbed hands, stabilizing it, suddenly the idea of TOTM came to me and i was like "Why not?", i shouted: "Rawr!" and nommed the mutant face. Dream faded to black, but i felt the taste, it was weird and fleshy.
      I wake up with some heavy HH and i forget to do an reality check, since random idea of turning on the light distracts me. There are many lightswitches and room is huge, but i couldn't find the right one. The i wake up properly.
    3. 24th Mar 2013 Fake sleep paralysis, 'Fight' with a midget, Basic TOTM I, Some transformation success

      by , 03-24-2013 at 03:02 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's nap, got lucid due to attempting WILD in a dream again as well as finally did some goals as well as TOTM.

      I can't recall much about dream start, but i was at home and i was apparently sick, it was nighttime and i was watching Syphon Filter let's play, it was pretty weird in way that there were driveable vehicles and one level had the jump that was supposed to be done in vehicle, but player failed and was forced to redo whole level because the jump was done above area where level starts. Dad was annoying me because he decided to sleep in my room for whatever reason. Later i was watching another level with massive bridge and armored enemies, which supposed to be boss level of some kind. I looked at time and it was time at which i should go for nap. So i went for the WILD.
      I wake up and it is daytime, i can't move, also for some reason i am in position in which my view is rather limited. The bed position is different too, and there were no curtains on windows, but i didn't notice it at that moment. So dream manages to convince me that i have sleep paralysis event. In a bit i hear sound of someone walking behind the window. I am slightly alerted for a second, but only for a quick second, then i get back to calm state again. I hear more sounds behind window and then i see some shadow figure. It breaks through the window and runs towards me.
      At this point i start suspecting that i am dreaming, but still can't move. Now it's not shadow anymore, but a person, i can only see legs though due to position i am paralyzed in. He starts punching and kicking me, i feel being hit, but no pain, i still can't move though so i just absorb hits like a badass until i fall out of the bed. I am able to move now, and i ask the person why he's doing it, i can't recall response but i was not satisfied with it, i looked at the person and apparently he is a midget. He decided to continue attacking me, but i just... sit down on him. He's angered and somehow manages to grab me and almost throw me, but i grab him in response too. Then he grabs in different way, making it harder to keep balance, but i respond by grabbing differently too. We continue that 'fight' while epic orchestral music is playing, until i get him into situation where keeping balance is just ridiculous, like he has to stand in weird pose on single finger while grabbing my hand, and while i am not touching the floor at all and grabbing him somehow... i am not sure how to describe this fully, haha. But i apparently win and i free myself from the grab.
      I say something i can't recall to midget which was lying on the ground and walk to the window, which is not broken now apparently. I smash it with my fist and it breaks, i get through and check hands, no damage on them and left hand has 7 fingers, also they are like super detailed. I take off and start feeling wings, i fly straight ahead and then slightly to the left this time, and i fly pretty quick, i also hear sound of wings more clearly that previous time. Shortly dreamscape changes and i am now flying above some different place in the city, i decide to try transforming into a dragon again, but no dice, i continue flying and dreamscape changes again, to some kind of outdoor restaurant with a bunch of DCs, i fly above it and dreamscape changes once again, now there's some buildings. I spontaneously get an idea that transformation would be easier if i get more destructive.
      I fly straight into building wall and start breaking through it at full speed, it ends up very very thick, since i am breaking through it for whole 5 seconds already, without lowering speed. There's not much light and i decide to visualize transformation now, and i have feeling of change. After a couple more seconds of breaking through the wall i manage to reach some rooms, which luckily had some light. I look at my hands and i have claws and hands are fully covered with green and black scales, it's awesome, though i didn't changed in size, i think. I try to talk and my voice has weird tone messed with something like combination of roar and some high pitched sound. I haven't stopped flight for whole time, so i end up breaking through the wall again, deciding to get back to outside, but eventually everything fades out.

      I feel myself back at the bed, but all i can see is darkness, i try to shout, but my voice is replaced with sound similar to one i had during transformation, i feel paralyzed and shortly i see some black and white portrait in the darkness.
      I wake up while shouting, family is in the room and they make 'wtf' faces, i respond that "that's why i don't do this when someone else is in the room, especially when sick", i get up and then i wake up properly and immediately do an RC, haha.