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    1. Professional sport and an extra son

      by , 08-20-2010 at 08:34 AM (scumpy's journey to lucidity...)
      20 Aug

      Recall was good last night, 4 or 5 ? dreams fairly good length and vivid

      1)I was playing inside centre for the springboks, I was really amped and planned to really hurt the other team. I wasn't scared at all which is weird since they would all easily crush me. One of the players from NZ got up and gave a message before the game, I think I did too...

      2)I stooped outside M's house and talked with hid brother T, He asked me if the bug zapper belonged to me (it was quite emotional - M is a friend of mine that died 2 months ago). C and my self were on the way home but we were walking and we were indoors, in a school or hospital with lots of corridors. I kept on turning on lights as we walked (they took time to switch on but I thought it was because they were old) We arrived at our place which was a room in a corridor, just before it was a kitchen area with plastic cups from C's holiday club and hundreds of empty green T-bags, C said it was from her doing fear factor with the kids???

      3)We had another son L's age but I had memory of having neglected him because he was funny looking (he really was) He had orange hair and a really funny chin. I felt bad and was trying to make him feel loved and accepted by giving him lots of attention. He was complaining about having a sore bum and was wearing diapers???? I got some bum cream from C's bag and took him to a bathroom in a kitchen and put the bum cream on his bum (this is only funny if you're not a parent) It didn't seem to be the right stuff but he said he felt better. Then we travelled to my childhood home in Kimberley. C had forgot the house keys in the office but when we got there the lock had been forced by a wrong key that was stuck in the lock. We say that someone else's stuff was in the house like ornaments and stuff and found like a drunk homeless lady in W old room. I got the rage thing again and then we found the daughter and her boy friend in A's old room. In the dining room there were like 20 of them, I was so angry and threaten to hurt them and told them to go, I threatened to have E beat them up and he came out of the lounge to back me up....

      4)I was lying on a sleeper couch watching cricket on tv, suddenly I'm in the game and I'm playing for South Africa. At some point I'm on the couch again and my game has been ruined by my parents messing with the channels

      5)On top of signal hill in Bloemfontein riding a bike, following a really hot lady in a silver sports car, we're together. I get stopped by guards outside the observatory. One take my license and won't give it back as a joke, I get irritated and explain to the other guard that I need to go meet this lady. He gets the license back for me. I drive around Bloem looking for this lady. At some point I drive past a apartment block with people naked and possibly having sex on some of the balconies. I seriously consider going back to go watch them but decide against it. I pop some wheelies to show off and kind of fall. I stop on the curb and CA and her mom come out of their house and so good bye to guests, CH comes up to me and asks if she can ask me a question she asks a really important question but I can't remember the answer...
    2. Invisible assassin and police/EMT's

      by , 08-20-2010 at 08:07 AM (scumpy's journey to lucidity...)
      19 Aug

      2 dreams recalled

      1) I was some sort of protector in ancient times (assassins creed universe, schemas FTW). Someone was coming to assassinate an important person P but she wasn't my daughter in the dream. We were feeling pretty smug because we were well fortified. When the assassin came he was invisible but also not solid like a wind. I knew that he was there but the DC that was me didn't (weird, not sure if this was 3rd person). I eventually caught on but pretended not to know when the assassin was close to me I pushed the wind into the wall and it materialized into red marbles that fell to the floor, they quickly started coming together and returning ti their "ethereal" form but we collected them and I put them in a jar that P was holding. Se was a bit careless and almost let the marbles fal to the ground and I had to tell her to be careful.

      2) I'm a police/EMT in hilbrow (most dangerous neighborhood in South Africa which is saying a lot) I'm knew on my job and my partner is a lady, we drive out on a call and I ask her how many call outs we get in a 8 hour shift, she say 6. We travel to the scene but on the way there is a beach and ocean next to us (false logic) I question her about Johannesburg having an ocean and we decide that we are in a tunnel with a projected ocean put there secretly by the government to keep people happy We arrive at our destination and M is bleeding from a stab wound to the shoulder 2 EMT's are already working on him we go and assist. I put my knife on his lap? and use my shirt to help stop the bleeding. We go into his garden to get water and the dream plot changes. I recognize this house because it is in a neighborhood where all the houses are the same. I have false memories of all the people that live in the neighborhood that I know. We go to another house and I have memories or did dream at some point that I was doing webcam chats with the people who lived here, 1 of them was Cacophony? from DV. The chats were sort of voyeuristic in nature they had set up cameras for other people to watch them live there (I had been watching the DV dream tube videos earlier in the day and there's one there by Cacophony). At the house one of us went into a basement thing that had a large machine and tried to operate it but got like sucked in in a conveyer belt or something. We then contacted the owners of the house (Cacophony) who then looked at heir own webcams to tell us how to get the guy out of the machinery, the guy happened to be Walter from Fringe...

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    3. linked dreams

      by , 08-18-2010 at 09:09 AM (scumpy's journey to lucidity...)
      These dreams happened over 4 sleep cycles but it's difficult to separate when they happened

      Flying back and forth for a job interview, staying in a hotel. S,R,L and W are there, something about a TV.

      Get the new job arguing with my dad about God and miracles. Find out about troubled person Q. Have a new beach house on a golf estate - WOHOO!! Quad bikes riding around, house was Q's.

      i'm engaged in some sordid online chat thing C and R are also on but they don;t know that I am. SV is complaining about cleaning the FS team office carpet. More sordid chat.

      M and me were in an accident, he is in hospital in critical condition. Bubba is a DR - lol and looks at x-rays and gives his opinion, M's body is there and B cuts his hospital gown made of lycra with a scalpel to look underneath at his stomach. I explain our injuries. Later I'm comforting M's mom and the operation begins while we sit a a board room table.

      I'm at dad's business in kimberley upstairs, there is a n axel for my mom's car, I am extremely tired form M's ordeal (he died). and grab an energy sachet from a bag that belongs to my dad, it feels like I'm stealing it. We go down a car ramp and then C is gonna pull me somewhere on like a rickshaw thing but she can't. We have a discussion with a street kid...

      I'm on the back of a pickup, dad is driving. He greats an old friend and then a dog chases us. We go into a bike store, I look at MX pants and then tires and then boots, all the boots are sucky...
    4. astronauts and scuba diving in caves - amazingly vivid

      by , 08-17-2010 at 01:13 PM (scumpy's journey to lucidity...)
      The earliest I can remember is trying to fit in and out of a "space station" thats on earth in astronaut gear and talking about how I'm gonna have a real problem with claustrophobia. Later I'm cave scuba diving with A, D and C. We have cool masks that enable us to talk and we're squeezing through these tight crevices with our oxygen tanks scraping and eventually we swim into a cavern where we can surface but it only has the one underwater entrance. The dream is amazingly vivid and despite my fear I'm really enjoying it. We swim back, the caves are lit with underwater lighting and the contrast and colors are awesome. We surface on a wooden jetty that is built for scuba divers. As we're leaving Ross and Nick are going in the opposite direction coming from a scuba class in a pool. They seem impressed that I was in the caves. Later I'm back in the caves with them (could have been a later dream cycle)

      I wake up at 7am take the kids to school and go to have a nap at 8am since I'm really sick and off work today. I try to wild and get really close but I wake up every time my body does weird stuff (noises etc.) Eventually I fall asleep and dream about playing soccer at the italian club, apparently Sias from 5fm is gonna show up. One of the guys headers a ball and it looks unnatural so I realize I'm dreaming, I do a nose pinch and my consciousness shifts to my real body (I'm not counting this as it was too short)
    5. Wasting lucids and travelling by elephant and basic TOTM

      by , 08-16-2010 at 01:22 PM (scumpy's journey to lucidity...)
      I became lucid twice but woke up immediately

      I'm travelling somewhere by elephant. Then we're walking on some narrow pathways. We're at the cave churches in Cairo and I'm giving a tour. G was there.

      Late morning nap:

      I went to have a nap with the intention of trying to WILD. I lay still for more than an hour - no SP . Eventually I just went to sleep. I dreamt that I heard my wife coming home with the kids from school. My daughter came into the room to wake me for lunch. I pretended to sleep and she was pinching my face and stuff. I woke up for real. I did the FILD technique and literally felt something happen in my mouth when I transitioned. I slowly did a nose RC with my dream eyes closed and I could breathe I lay still for awhile trying to calm down. Eventually I slid out of bed there was a moment when I almost lost it cause I could feel my real legs. I remembered the TOTM and immediately went over to the dresser and started looking for colorful objects. I picked up a small bottle with it's lid painted red (I think it was a lip stick bottle) and two female deodorant cans one with a blue lid and one with a yellow lid. I was super happy but when I looked at my objects the yellow lid had turned to green and I panicked. I rummaged through all the items on the dresser and found a glass bowl with a yellow glass lid that was slightly transparent. Happy with that I headed over to the window to either teleport or just go outside, I was planning to find some unicorns. As I approached the window I started loosing the dream. I spun around slowly and felt the wooden cupboard door. It helped and I decided not to go outside but to go and see what my family DCs were up to as I got to my bedroom door I woke up.
    6. Dreams from the last few days

      by , 08-16-2010 at 01:08 PM (scumpy's journey to lucidity...)

      Something about the fundraisers I'm organizing for a trip some young people are going on. Phone call with pastor from Bikers Church about details of fundraiser.

      Something about a guy coming for biltong

      Dads birthday. Beer and biltong ( google it ) Grandpa - cricket. Sharks are playing rugby against Griquas. Jean Deysel and Juan Smith and Kabamba Floors are in the house. I try to speak to Jean but can't speak (something to do with breathing). Meagan is in the dream.


      I'm travelling of the Kimberley yacht club road with Janet. She is having financial problems and is basically asking me for money. I tell her I can't help her. I'm showering next to the road (in a shower that just happens to be there). P and a lady are walking on the other side. I get out the shower and I'm suddenly looking for a place to get dressed, I go in a cave and suddenly it turns into a warehouse - there are lots of teenagers there we're planning on camping there. There is a trampoline and tents. Piet is in a small office working on a PC. Their are broken forklifts in the warehouse and some working ones. A giant crane/machine comes to life and at first is just randomly dangerous but then it tries to kill us by spinning stuff that we have to jump over and dodge. It turns in to a person and I try to explain that we have permission to be here.


      Walking over a bridge at night
      Golf balls in the mud


      Running an event. B and co involved. Event involves dancing and music. B and co supposed to be helping. D is also involved and organises some expensive socks to give away - I get a pink pair . i go to P in an old bathroom attached to a theatre like room. B and co are there I call them down to talk to them and try to finnish p'ing before they get there (I didn't wet the bed which is always a good thing). I eventually get to talk to them and some lady who has higher authority than me is backing me up.
    7. Sick and bad recall :(

      by , 08-11-2010 at 06:59 AM (scumpy's journey to lucidity...)
      Last night was really weird, I'm getting sick so that may have something to do with it.

      Firstly I can remember being very aware that I was lucid but also aware of my RL body, I could feel both at the same time - this was early in the night.

      Then I wake up and can't recall a single thing, this is the worst recall I've had since starting my DJ.
      I'm wondering if it has anything to do with being sick??

      I remembered one small fragment while taking my daughter to school
      Fragment: for some reason I suddenly become really in shape, like big muscles - I think it's so that I can fight someone or something
    8. Military school and Sylvester Stallones house

      by , 08-10-2010 at 03:50 PM (scumpy's journey to lucidity...)
      Seems like I wasn't interested in having any LD's last night with the amount of weird stuff happening

      Fragment: remember having an intimate dream with C (details are reserved for me)

      I remember a dream about being in a comic version of reality, possibly something to do with virtual reality? People had "powers" and it was set in Africa again. It was either in or had something to do with Rwanda and Burundi.

      My wife and I were praying for some guy who had a show jumping competition but he was blind? We were looking at the place where it was supposed to happen in a picture, I recognized the picture as being 2 places that I know. Suddenly we were in the place that the picture was travelling. C morphed into a bug but it was still her. We went to my primary school and it was military preparing students for civil war - like overthrowing the government. I was aware that I was at school without showering and was very self conscious and just wanted to shower. Also there was something about C putting part of my lunch in the staff fridge and I wanted it back. At break it was snowing and there was lots of ice. I went with L,Z and some random kid in there car until we stopped to play in the snow, we had a snow fight and then tried to build a snowman. We then went into Sylvester Stallones house, D was there and we were there to council him because they had lost a family member, I think it was his mom, his wife and son were there.... and that's all I remember

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    9. Last 2 nights 4 LD's!!!

      by , 08-09-2010 at 12:14 PM (scumpy's journey to lucidity...)
      I''l put the dreams from the last 2 nights in the same entry


      can't remember why but I looked at my left hand and I had too many fingers, failed a nose RC then checked my hand again - still manky, became lucid. Was in a room which was supposed to be my parents it was very dark. I touched the cupbords and whatever else I could reach to stabilize the dream, it worked. I left the room and was in G's house I walked to the playroom but didn't see anyone, I walked back towards G's room to see if B was there as I approached the room the dream faded.

      Later that night I had a non-lucid dream in the same house, this time there were lots of DC's including a beautiful woman who was totally into me. I felt like I was cheating by being with here and tried to hide what we were up to. We kissed in the playroom and them made plans to meet in G's bedroom, she wanted me to stay another day but I said no. I went through the kitchen on the way to G's room and B was making breakfast in the kitchen. Eventually I'm in G's room with the woman and we have sex, B is there and she is giving me instructions - LOL

      Nap: I'm travelling in Africa and am in charge of some teams, Dad and me split the teams mixing them. S was there.


      We're visiting houses from a news story? We go into a house that I know in the dream world it is a very poor area, the house has yellow and blue walls. We're invited to sit down and I notice 2 of those buzzy magnet things on a table. I remember someone mentioning them in the inception totem thread and realize im dreaming. Do a hand RC and fail but know I'm dreaming so I do a nose RC and I can breathe. I touch some things to stabilize and walk toward the kitchen where the old lady host went. As I get to the kitchen I start loosing the dream, in desperation I close my eyes and spin and fall, I get up in the living room again and head toward the kitchen the dream fades again this time I can't stabilize it .

      Later I'm fetching L from school but the building is different as I get to the gate I realize this is a dream, I RC and become Lucid. I touch the gate to stabilize. I go into the classroom but there are no DC's. I decide to walk through the door to transition to somewhere else, I walk through the door without opening it and simply am outside the school. K is sitting outside and I decide to see what kissing feels like. I put my hands through here hair to help stabilize and kiss her. It feels ok - not amazing. I loose the dream - probably because I closed my eyes.

      I lie dead still after waking and slide back into the dream, this time I'm fetching P. I'm lucid from the beginning but loose the dream waking up after a few seconds .

      fragments: Africa again, S is there, Trip to Russian or Turkey?

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    10. catchup DJ from the last week

      by , 08-09-2010 at 11:51 AM (scumpy's journey to lucidity...)
      I've been writing my dreams down but haven't been updating here so here goes.


      something about a juvenile prison, that is just a deterrent and me and some other DC's trying to escape over the roof.

      Hectic meeting with some people I work with about some stuff that they are doing wrong, everything comes out into the open and they both admit to wrong doing. One of them admits to having an a affair.

      Can't remember the significance of the rest of my notes:
      D watering his plants
      neighbors flat - holiday
      railing kid safe
      gay guy
      talk to guy about flat windows


      Long dream about moving into a flat in Pretoria. C doesn't like the courtyard I'm explaining that the plants have just been planted and they need to grow, it's like a formal garden with hedges. The flat is in a really nice building and we can afford it but we're looking for a cheper place that's just as nice.
      There is a strange bouncy walkway with red carpets, I think CT is there.
      Later F and some others are sitting at chairs in the courtyard i go and talk to them.
      Later there is a swimming pool in the courtyard and I'm swimming, staying underwater for very long periods. Suddenly theres acid in the water and it burns me. I get out and the burns continue to get worse E is in the dream at some stage.

      notes that don't make sense:
      flyers for church
      bikes, new tire
      watering grass

      Later I'm chasing something with the help of a bloodhound


      Playing golf with K at Unicorn golf club

      I'm at a mall with T and W. We are in the part of the mall that is only used by employees. It turns into a factory/mall, we are spies. We are running away and someone goes through a "baggage slot". At some point we're in a bathroom and I p on T - LOL

      Also at some point in the mall we are comedians and we are ripping on a group of people for coming to do something lame - to do with strangling a lady, only thats not a bad thing and the lady doesn't mind. I tell the group that they should "not be themselves" this was apparently a witty diss.


      I'm teaching people about a healing technique which has to do about the other universe (too much fringe )

      In a hotel room with sex stuff going on, S and V are involved as well as K. K tries to make a fool out of me. There is lots of alcohol involved.


      Was in my old SL house with C and P can't remember if L was there. Played on the giant rock with P.
      Tried to stop C from seeing me in the photos inside the house.

      Nap: Parrot with a broken beek and metal prosthetic. Golf club Dad and L are there. Pool with Alex, Andre and Ant - LOL
    11. 02/08/2010

      by , 08-02-2010 at 08:05 AM (scumpy's journey to lucidity...)
      1) something about Arthur???

      2) Playing soccer at the Portuguese club. We're dominating some kids. I'm trying to get my shoes on to play but I notice that they're broken, somehow I will them to get fixed and they do! (I don't become lucid ). The kids we're playing are really arrogant.

      3)I'm walking through the mall in my hometown. I think I'm semi lucid or at least dreaming that I'm lucid??? I have a basket ball in my hand and I'm using it to stabilize my dream (I read a tutorial about this before going to bed). If I was lucid I loose it. It's the Derby btw. the two main schools in our town and the rugby and hockey games are on. Gym is winning the rugby. We go to the hockey field and Rowan begins to play, he plays quite well, running fast and falling over while he takes a back stick shot, he almost scores. I'm getting ready to play too when some people on horses come onto the field. It's some other sporting event that is taking place, we lead the horses off.... the dream ends

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    12. 01/08/2010

      by , 08-02-2010 at 08:05 AM (scumpy's journey to lucidity...)
      1) I remember playing on top of some roofs with my friends, I think we are kids. We have like a fort up there. At some stage I am on the ground and some other kids are on top of the roof where our fort is but I'm an adult now (this could have been later).

      2)Running somewhere with someone who I know is a genius, we're running through peoples gardens to get to our destination, I trust him because he's a genius. we run into a garden and I see a mother and a daughter that I know doing zoomba in their living room we sneak into their house to try sneak out the back and continue on our journey but they see us. They turn into a different mother and daughter (G and H).

      At some point I have a big scab diagonally down my face because I ran into something. I pull the scab off trying not to anyone see but G sees and whispers judgmentally to someone else what I am doing.

      We're travelling in D's car and we have to avoid ostriches in the road. We turn left towards mountains (V's farm). I think the vehicle changes my dad and my uncle are there on the left there is a huge platform built onto the side of a mountain, it is Bafana Bafana's south africa soccer team) world cup training camp. It's like a HUGE highway on ramp ending in a dead end. My dad and uncle? discuss how this facility can now be used to bring in money and offset it's huge cost.

      I'm in a house still have the wound on my face, I'm really upset about having been forced to do something against my will by my family.

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    13. 31/07/2010

      by , 08-02-2010 at 07:52 AM (scumpy's journey to lucidity...)
      I suspect going lucid a couple times but waking up straight away.

      1) I remember something to do with the TV show fringe....

      2) I've somehow bought a old trailer/house from an old lady, it needs serious repairs. A repair guy comes to inspect it and as he enters one of the old ladys plates falls off the wall, I notice that she has plates hanging on all the walls and that the top of the walls need repairs, the floor is also wonky. There are cinder blocks and a trampoline holding up the floor underneath the trailer. I remember telling someone that at least once it's fixed I'll have a trampoline . I remember looking around the garden there was a tree and a swingset.
    14. Lexus and skydiving

      by , 07-30-2010 at 02:31 PM (scumpy's journey to lucidity...)
      Again I didn't have very good recall, I actually suspect that I had a few lucid moments but didn't maintain them very long.

      I'm driving a Lexus except it doesn't use normal controls it uses a Wiimote kind of thing. Some of my old school friends are there. Walter from fringe is in the car and comments about the heated seats at some point. We're traveling towards the yacht club in the town where I grew up. Instead we go to my house and I argue with my dad about being late. I try to find my own car to leave and can't find it.

      not sure if this is the same dream or a new one... Some girls that I knew from school are at the same house as above, the house and next door are busy undergoing alterations. We go inside... the dream fades

      I sky dive with some of my friends into carrington road from very low altitude. One friend opens his shoot too late but lands on it and he's fine. We pack our chutes hoping to find a place to base jump.
    15. more golf... holy socks

      by , 07-29-2010 at 06:57 AM (scumpy's journey to lucidity...)
      Only remembered 1 dream last night

      I'm setting up for some kind of event there is some kind of curtain/banner thing that needs to get washed no-one volunteers to wash it... Later I'm in my childhood home people are coming to stay my cousin S will have to sleep in my room. In my room I notice the curtain/banner thing my wife has been chopping green peppers, apparently because my son had holes in his school socks we are being punished by having to wash the banner and bring chopped green peppers to the school. I decide that this is ridiculous and am suddenly at the school fetching my son, I almost leave without talking to the teacher but decide against leaving. I have a word with her that this is ridiculous and that we won't be washing the banner or bringing the chopped peppers. WE walk toward another area in the school and cue up for something on the way I'm telling school kids to take off their school shoes to prove that lots of people have holes in there socks, I only find 1 with holes in. At this point I realize that I'm wearing a school uniform and start to complain that the other parents don't have to wear a uniform (I really should have become lucid here). We get to a place where we have to cue I'm talking to my wife about how the teacher will hate us forever but it isn't the teacher it's another teacher in the school who we know, I tell the principle about how ridiculous all this is. At some point I'm in the very back of the line and we're cueing for registration for a golf day. I'm at the very back with an unknown friend, I feel very intimidated and competitive. I'm showing my driver to my friend. I get to the front and I have been pre-registered and collect my stuff. I go through the stuff it includes pills and tags for your golf bad and other stuff, I organize it into my golf bag... I think I wake up at this point
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