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    643 Days Later...

    by , 05-11-2020 at 07:24 PM (251 Views)
    Good lord, HOW did I not go without posting for upwards of two years? Well, stuff happened, is all I'm going to say. So let's get into this.

    Fell asleep at: 3:00 AM

    Woke up: 12:15 PM

    Dream 113: Old Faces

    Daytime; My house. The in-laws have come over, and they brought their dogs with them. A dachshund, a terrier mix, and some others I can't remember. One of the dogs, wearing a grey shirt and orange/yellow suspenders walks into my room and jumps on top of me in my bed. I play with the little guy for a while, and one of the in-laws chimes and in says that that's actually the father of all these other dogs.

    I say something along the lines of, "Well, he can do whoever he wants then--" then retract that statement and I say "That came out wrong."

    As I'm playing with the dog, a female DC keeps tugging at his shirt collar, for whatever reason. The dog looks mighty uncomfortable when she does that, so I tell her to stop tugging at it.
    The dream ends not long after.

    Upon further reflection, the dog in my dream looked remarkably like another dog I had, though that one passed away not two years ago. It was nice to play with the little fella again, even if it was just a dream.


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