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    Day 134.5: Enjoy the Scene of the Crime

    by , 06-26-2018 at 03:38 AM (174 Views)
    I've been having a lot of Breath of the Wild influenced dreams lately. Probably due to the fact that I can never put it down, heh...

    Dream 100: Kevin Hart's Body-Swapping Spectacular

    I start off in this posh 5-star restaurant suspended atop a futuristic cityscape-- daytime; raining. The place oddly reminds me of Zora's Domain from BOTW, due to how the roads seemed to be suspended in midair and linked to several buildings.

    Also at some point I was convinced that I had swapped bodies with Kevin Hart. Or some pseudo-awareness occurred and I
    knew the body I was in wasn't mine.

    Upon entering the restaurant I notice that I start pulsating with electricity, much like how metal equipment does in BOTW. I decide to mess with this newfound quirk. I head towards the kitchen and extend my hand out towards the stoves and no less than three seconds later and... BOOM!

    Their stoves catch on fire and I make a break towards the window. It must have been made of some pretty cheap glass, seeing as I broke through it no problem. I then bust out the paraglider from BOTW to slow my descent. I land in front of an internet cafe and decide to hunker down there. My mom was there, too, for some reason.

    After some time passes I decide to head back to the restaurant. Rookie's mistake. I end up spilling the beans, if accidentally, that I had spread the fire. I, again, make a break for the window and busted out the paraglider. Now with a bunch of futuristic eye-looking robots on my ass. I narrowly escape being blasted by an android on the ground and hunker down behind a building.

    Dream 101: Yellow Sulfur Lakes

    Nope, this has nothing to do with aliens. Upon waking up, I see a large puddle of pee in front of my bed. All three of my dogs are in the same room as me, so I can't really place blame on any of them.

    Dream 102: Love the Paraglider As It Loves You

    I'm scaling up the side of the tree in my backyard -- daytime. I situate myself between two branches, one to lean my back onto and one to sit on. I'm 100% percent certain that the branch I'm sitting on will snap, so I jump off the tree and use my paraglider to slow my descent.

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