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    Day 62 --> Day 65: Struck Gold...Kinda.

    by , 04-16-2018 at 05:07 AM (257 Views)
    Even more exams to take care of. My birthday was also about a few days ago (April 12th to be exact) and so we had a barbecue to celebrate, so that knocked the wind out of me. I also got back into drawing a heck of a lot, and I spent the rest of today mindlessly filling out my sketchbook to make something worth a damn...

    But, uh, back to the topic at hand.

    Day 62:

    Nothing to report. ONTO THE NEXT ONE.

    Day 63:

    Fell asleep at 11:00 PM

    Woke up at: 6:45 AM

    Dream 66: Why Planet Robobot Will Never Get Represented

    Playing Smash Bros. 3DS online. I distinctly remember playing one-on-one in Mute City, Omega Mode. I'm playing as vanilla Kirby going up against some buffed-up Kirby (No, not a muscular Kirby or anything), but sporting his Planet Robobot mech suit. And he is kicking my ass.

    The way he moved was more reminiscent of how the mech suits in Megaman X worked, akin to traditional platformer controls than how Smash controls, dashing and jumping everywhere. His high damage output, combined with his frame, made him near impossible to deal with.

    Keep in mind I was playing as REGULAR Kirby.

    I kept spamming the side-b until he finally blew up, allowing me to finally knock him off stage. I yelled directly at the 3DS, "YEAH! **** you AND your mech suit!" And I remember being extremely lightheaded after that.

    Dream 67: Phantom Fighting

    First person fighting dream. Don't remember too much of it, but I do remember this much. Me and two other people are fighting in a dark red and confined space, with paintings on all sides. I remember being knocked back into the wall, only to fall into the painting, completely disoriented. It transported me to a 100 Acre Wood type place (Cause I had Kingdom Hearts 2 on the mind). The dream ended right there.

    Day 64:

    Fell asleep at: 11:00 PM

    Woke up at: 9:00 AM

    Dream 68: Why Did I Hurt That Poor Thing?...

    I'm in the living room, early hours of the morning, and my dad is eating breakfast in the kitchen. A blue colored rat with spider-like qualities (That being the about 4 blue eyes it had) and her three children walk in.

    Being the unrestricted dream character I am, I pick up and slam the thing on the floor, but it doesn't die. I looked at her kids, and an overwhelming feeling of regret and shame came over me as I saw what I was doing. I stopped my clobbering and just sat down on the couch.

    The mother hopped on top of my lap and, like a dog, curled up and fell asleep on me. She was the size of my two puppies, Nemo and Cleo (Sometimes referred to as Nemus and Cletus).

    Dream 69: Don't--

    I'm in what's supposed to be my history class. In short, it looked nothing like the real thing, except for the arrangement of the desks.

    The bell dismisses us but I forge one little thing...my backpack (And my folder). I get lost trying to get back to the class, but eventually I find my way back.

    I rush back to the class and see a girl fiddling with my folder. I politely swipe it from under her nose and just as courteously tug my backpack away from under her desk. I then walked out of the classroom and then the dream ended.

    Day 65:

    Fell asleep at: 2:00 AM

    Woke up at: 9:00 AM

    Dream 70: The Flying Dead

    I'm in my house conversing with some random dude, who I can assume to be an acquaintance of mine in this unsettling apocalypse. The house is abandoned and antiquated, a thick layer of fog clouding our vision. I'm on the lookout for any zombies inside of the house, paranoia reigns supreme.

    In this dream I can be best described as "frisky". I don't tend to stay in the same place for too long and I always have one eye open.

    I beat a zombie senseless as he comes out of the laundry room. I then step outside. It's approaching nighttime, a red sunset on the horizon. The neighborhood looks like a fusion of Sanctuary Hills and my cousins' neighborhood up north.

    I fly up to the top of a building (Because apparently I can just do that now) on top of a Greek looking pillar, perfectly out of the reach of any zombies. I fall asleep for a bit when 3 to four guys surround me. They're making fun of my stupidity, thinking that absolutely no zombies can get me from here. They then demonstrate this by trying to grab me from under the pillar.

    The dream then cuts to me, my sister, and the rest of my immediate family inside of our house. The lights are on, it's the dead of night, and the blinds and curtains are open. I'm trying to convince them to turn off the lights and put on the curtains, all while attempting to do the same myself. None of them were convinced.

    Dream 71: Another Failed RC

    I'm in the living room. My mom and my sister are talking to each other outside of my mom's bedroom door. I then get the idea to do a reality check, thinking to myself, "Well, why WOULDN'T I be dreaming right now?" I do the nose plug RC, breathe through my nose, but I begin to think maybe the positioning of my fingers is wrong. I couldn't breathe through my nose afterward.
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