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    Day 74, 75, and 76: Bleh--Again.

    by , 04-27-2018 at 03:46 AM (679 Views)
    No recall on Day 74. I did remember some figments of a dream on Day 75, but having to take the puppies out kinda wiped that clean from my memory. Day 76 is where I finally had and held onto my dreams long enough to record them on my phone.

    I also think my awareness practices are becoming stale. I have a feeling I'm not doing them right at all. Then again it could just be that feeling of fatigue associated with ADA, along with the stress of having to write a two page essay (Still not done yet), so that's...good.

    Day 76:

    Fell asleep at: 10:30 PM

    Woke up at: 7:00 AM

    A storm rolled in before I went to bed. The streets were flooded, my brother was outside recording the whole thing, and bright flashes of lightning illuminated my bedroom (Along with my Super Mario Galaxy poster, but that's besides the point). It was a bit difficult to fall asleep, thunder and pounding rain kinda got in the way. Funnily enough, recall has drastically improved from my last outing.

    Dream 82: Inferiority Complex

    My mom is driving into the church paring lot when she sees what is supposed to be French people in the parking lot. She talks about they have so many interesting things they're doing, almost in an envious tone. As if I were being compared to them, she looked back at us.

    I rolled my eyes at her conversation. I don't like it when I'm being compared to another person, especially those who people think are superior to me. It felt like a very real dream.

    Dream 83: Top 5 Best Trucks In Zombie Apocalypse Media

    A sort of "thinking to myself while making stuff appear" dream. I was thinking about the top five best zombie survival trucks, because of course. In the list were a taco truck, a regular ass pickup truck, among others. I then went over the reasons why trucks were the best option, none of which I agree with now that I'm awake.

    Dream 84: Inside Rick's Supposed 'Shelter'

    I saw a house in the distance. It had a large tower diagonal from it, which was spewing water. I went inside. In my mind, I thought it was house belonging to a guy named Rick, who apparently built it for the sake of surviving the zombie apocalypse.

    Inside it was flooding, an inch of water on the floor. The house was brightly colored, almost like a children's' play area. All around me water was spewing from every angle. I saw a black cage where my two puppies where, I went over to pet them, but I didn't think to get them out. They were sopping wet from the water.

    I also saw my dog Apollo not too far away. I pet him and scratched him under his chin, and looked back at the pups.

    Dream 85: Dreamviews Dream

    Some vague imagery of me using the Dreamviews site. Nothing much other than that.
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      If only parents could stop making unfair comparisons. Since they probably will still bring it up at times, just remember to never lose sight of the accomplisments you are proud of. A taco truck is not only good for fighting zombies ,you wont go hungry either.
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