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    An Insomniac's Dream Journal

    First DILD!

    by , 07-03-2017 at 01:38 AM (554 Views)
    I was in the dream and I realized something was off. I immediately do the finger through the palm RC and find out that my finger goes DIRECTLY THROUGH IT (It had a little friction going in however), I also do another reality check, and plug my nose. I felt a gust of wind go inside my nose and I now know I'm dreaming.

    Feeling ecstatic, I quickly realize that if I get too excited I'll wake up, and internalize those feelings. Shortly thereafter, I wake up.

    I quickly forgot that dream however when I woke up. I still remember the feeling of excitement and elation when I successfully preformed those RCs and now I think I'm getting closer to intentional LDs in the future.

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