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    Summer Competition - Night 8 - Chill Lucid + DEILD

    by , 06-09-2023 at 06:32 PM (119 Views)
    I did a Wbtb at 4Am . Woke up , did an assignment for an hour . Then slept paying attention to the ringing in my ears and intent to get lucid . I was having some dream I g
    Forgot about and then got lucid in my hostel room . It was dark as usual with faint yellow light . I exited the room and went outdoors . I did not have a goal with this LD as I want to experiment with some stuff to increase dream length . So I decide to take it chill , not rush with stuff and enjoy the scenery .

    Now I go outside and see a hostel friend near what looked like a swimming pool . I greet him and see many other friends nearby . The foliage looked great . Cool Breeze was blowing from the west . I took a moment to take in the view . Then I saw some dirty water and my friend was inserting a twig in it to clean it somehow , I offered him help but he denied . The water looked disgusting frankly . Ugly yellow .

    Then I walked a bit more and ended up in a supermarket . It was well lit , covered with blues and whites . Lots of stuff and some people with shopping carts running around . It was mostly Uneventful

    Then the dream starts fading as I wait . Then I feel just stuck in the darkness . I immediately try to re-enter it and was successful. First Deild in months . I was back in the supermarket and this time an NSFW scene ensues that I won't be elaborating here .
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