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    09.02.2015. DEILD - Raduga - Affirmation - disolve room's ceiling.

    by , 02-09-2015 at 09:17 AM (340 Views)
    At 17:00 in the afternoon I did a little visualization exercise, sitting in an armchair. Went to bed for half an hour at 11:00, and again at 12:00 doing once more a little visualization exercise . WBTB at 05:00, and then went to my armchair and tried to visualize-sleep. I didn't sleep for almost one hour - and no interesting visualizations - and went back to bed. Slept almost immediately, and at some point I found myself in bed, awake. I imagined moving, and immediately I felt a strong pushing sensation. I didn't separate at once, so I changed visualizations while trying to relax at the same time - the feeling intensified and I rolled and fell off the bed - that's the first time I've felt falling off the bed. I got up - in blindness - admiring the reality of the sensation of touch, but the room was very different - I was in a dream room. I walk in the room and in the adjacent one, and start seeing a few things but it's almost totally dark. I affirm - according to my plan - that I lucid dream every night, but unfortunately I forgot to stabilize the dream. I went between the bed and the wardrobe, raised my hands and intended the ceiling to split in half and reveal a daylight sky. After sometime, a bright split appears ...
    ( the split was similar to the light)

    ...and the walls and ceiling move apart revealing a morning sky. At that point my wife moves, I feel my body and I am back in bed...
    Still some light is in front of me, so I know its an in-between state. I imagine movement again, I feel the rush once more and I am in my dream body... But it's dark again, the dream is very unstable this time
    and soon I am in my bed again - this time it's dark - I can see my real room. I didn't get up right away, so I forgot a few details.


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