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    12.02.2015. OBE+DEILD+3FA - Raduga style...

    by , 02-12-2015 at 08:51 AM (1774 Views)
    Wow! What a night! I had an OBE-like experience, a Lucid, and 3 FA - while doing 3 times the Raduga technique and feeling the separation! Wow!
    Well, went to bed at 23:30, WBTB at 05:00 for 15 mins and back to sleep with my Rem Dreamer - lights only. I said to myself that if I succeed in Raduga again, this time I will be in my house - I will have an OBE (wanted to see if expectation matters, as it should). It took me some time to sleep (about 45 mins) and at some point I found myself in bed remembering the dream I just had. I thought I was late - some time has passed since awakening - but nevertheless I tried the Raduga separation technique. I felt a moving sensation, not strong but it was there. I alternated techniques, moving my limbs and then my body, and relaxing at the same time. I felt I was being dragged but not strongly as usual - I struggled to separate. But then in an instant, I floated out and I was flying in my living room! It was dark but I could see that it was my living room (and after awakening, quite strangely, it was - no false memory this time). I landed and walked a little bit - a sofa was out of place (I knew it then and same thing after awakening) and ...the RD lights went on - in bed again... Tried the separation again and in a few seconds, strong moving sensation again and I am thrown in darkness. I do a RC (nose pinch), negative at first and positive (breath through) a few seconds later! I am in total darkness. I take my RD mask off in order to see, but no use. I imagine I wear black glasses and take them off - no sight again. Then I just imagined seeing around and simply waited... A few seconds later I started seeing, and I was there: in a blue room decorated with stars. I'm wearing a silver spacesuit also with stars and the room is like a child's room, decorated with stars and planets - very beautiful.

    I feel my hands in the gloves and try to stabilize by rubbing them and touching around and it's quite steady by now - not perfect, but steady. I'm very happy and I say my pre-planned affirmations: I am Lucid dreaming every night and I'm always calm and peaceful. Meanwhile, the dream starts to destabilize... I have difficulty speaking and...
    my wife moves in bed and the RD lights go off again... I am in bed and in apparently no time I had a FA. I take my RD off and take notes about my lucid, when the RD lights flash again...I am in bed and tricked by a normal dream... RD Lights flash again and this time I concentrated and started the separation again. I feel the movement sensation quite strongly, but as I am about to separate, my wife turns around again (she was very tired and didn't sleep well) and I am back to bed.... slowly I take my RD mask off (for real) and take notes on all this....WoW, what a night!
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    1. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Nice work!! And nice read
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    2. Kaan's Avatar
      wow !!
      I tried quite the same stuff this night with my RD in TWC mode 2 , with flashing, and sometimes beeping, kinda all the night, but this time I didn't manage to WILD.
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    3. SearcherTMR's Avatar
      Thanks Percy!
    4. SearcherTMR's Avatar
      Thanks Kaan!
      Basically, it was your idea to use the RD for this, and I was inspired by your success - thanks for that.
      I am also planning to use the twc feature next time because it kept flashing and bringing me back to bed...
      Sorry it didn't work for you. I will also try and report!
      (But I will be off trials for a few days and possibly off-grid)
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    5. Tihiti's Avatar
      Cool lucids and OBE! Do you find the number of lucids have increased since you started using the RD? I'm thinking about giving it a try.
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    6. SearcherTMR's Avatar
      Hi Tihiti!
      What if I told you that this was my first ever real success using my RD....
      I have it for a couple of years now, but only rarely used it and had almost no success with it, mainly because I found it too uncomfortable to sleep with (I used it the whole night up to now, and that was wrong). When used after WBTB however, and especially for the Raduga technique it seems that it can be quite useful. I intend to do more trials using it this way...we'll see!
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    7. Kaan's Avatar
      Don't want to flood your DJ, but I had another succes this night : 2 WILD, using RD with a little bit similar settings as yours, + the help of Galantamine + A-GPC. (it seams that A-GPC gives me chances to be successful about 2 to 3 hours after I take it with Galantamine, because of his slow Peak Plasma).

      like the day before yesterday I accessed the WILD after a Non Lucid Dream followed by a micro awakening, and then a visual on which I focused and some touching things stabilization technique and here we go.

      the first WILD was interrupted by the RD flashing and beeping and woke me up, but I managed to wait for an image, and re-entered to the landscape where I was just before the RD got me out of the dream.

      the RD has woke me up several time, making me have several FA where I was looking for places to practice WILD, surrounded by some DC, so I finally lost my lucidity but stayed trying to have LD on each non LD.

      Tihiti : RD is definitly a tool that can be exploited to help with some Raduga's based DEILD technique.
      It can also interrupt your LD, so you have to keep quiet and try a basic DEILD.

      I will copy/past part of this message in the Raduga's thread later
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    8. SearcherTMR's Avatar
      Hi Kaan!
      As I told you, I was off-net and trials for a few days but hopefully I will resume the next days. Congrats on your success!
      I see that you had the same problem like me - LD interruption by RD flashes.
      What was your sensitivity setting? If we can't get this to flash in larger intervals, we must get the TWC feature working!
    9. Kaan's Avatar
      Sensitivity was about two point above the less sensible seting.
      I will unboxe the new RD pro tomorow and will start playing with the audio message option. It sounds very interesting and less limited than flashes and beeps only
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