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    15/03/2016_ WILD-DILD - LSILD, Amazing flight (Huge tree, Ocean, Surrealistic place), ToTM

    by , 03-15-2016 at 04:40 PM (1726 Views)
    This was one of my most wonderful lucids ever!

    Slept 23:30-04:40, WBTB up to 05:00, headphones with white noise on + freestyle SSILD (LSILD).
    I relax for over an hour with free-style SSILD, changed position and at some point I realize I am in bed listening to my white noise, but a moment ago I was dreaming (I have forgotten it by now). So, I know a dream is very close and I simply pay attention. A few seconds later I see my hands holding a book. I know they are the dream ones and try to move them. I feel the familiar bilocation sensation and I transition to the dream, palpating my body and increasing clarity. My feet are somewhat strange and I walk in the room still feeling my head on my pillow. This feeling gradually brings me back to bed. I remain still and wait for the dream to start again. A few seconds later I feel the bilocation again, imagine and feel the movement, and in a moment I am in the dream again. Its semi-dark and I am in an old home. I try to jump and I easily float. Then I tell myself that I will go to an amazing place and I immediately feel a strong pull, dragging me backwards at increasing speed! I am dragged and fly through various locations very quickly (clarity increases at this point and everything is crisp clear now) and in an instant I turn around and I fly straight - through an arch and over old fashioned, almost historical buildings.

    I easily fly and navigate over the tops and on the horizon there is a huge tree. Its bright light by now and I fly towards the huge tree.

    Its top is flat with branches extending horizontally to all directions and on the plateau there are very small buildings - like ancient churches or something. I fly around the branches amazed by the beauty and the vividness of the scene. Its as good as it can get! I feel Iíve been to this tree before. Then I see a lake with people bathing nearby. I fly towards them, they are afraid and run aside, but I just fly over them and continue to land nearby at an opening. I then remember to do a ToTM. I think of the Fly over the ocean. I look arround to see the ocean but I canít. Its getting dark again and I am in the country side, buildings are far away at the horizon, but no ocean. I float up and I see that behind the buildings, there is the ocean. I start flying towards it but have some difficulty reaching it - I am not traveling that fast. At some point I reach the sea and I am flying at low height above the see. The see is shallow and there are big black and white pebbles visible in the water.

    Workers are all over the place with their feet in the water, dressed in black.

    Some are working, some are dancing, dome are doing acrobatics. There are also ships and trucks (halve in the water) among the workers. I fly higher and increase speed, and gradually its totally dark. I keep flying and imagine the sunrise. After a while I begin to see a faint blue line in the horizon. I am still over the see and its starting getting bright again. The image starts to get a strange feeling - somewhat extra-real and I can now see the end of the ocean. I reach now at the other side and its like a surreal painting of Salvador Dali (it looks familiar from some painting).

    I land there and realize I am on a skate of sorts. I skate between the sculpture-like, surreal things (its like a park with statues and exhibits, but surreal, like a painting). I then get into a home (donít remember how) and after looking around a bit and wondering what else to do, I remembered the fire-ice bonus task. I put my hands together palm-to palm and imagine fire within. Thick, white smoke comes up and I feel hot inside. I open them and there are flames on my palms.

    I am a bit afraid, but its not burning, just very hot. I keep walking into the aristocratic house and thing about the ice part, but the dream starts to de-stabilize
    and I find myself in bed. This was simply amazing!
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