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    30.05.2015_ WILD_Cramps, nail treatment, landscape summoning, tests

    by , 05-31-2015 at 01:12 PM (690 Views)
    Lately, due to work I didn't have time to try anything, but today I had a day off and having slept adequately last night I tried WILDing in the midday nap.
    So, I was sleepy (after reading about LD) but not very tired, and lied down with reminders in 60, 90, 120 and 150 mins. I relaxed but remained focused repeating the phrase "I remain aware". I was drifting in and out of awareness and at some point I felt I could roll and separate - but no luck. I then got up, as I had to use the bathroom, reset my timers and repeated the procedure. I remember listening to at least 3 of them ( some while I was lucid, and I was afraid that I will lose lucidity), but after waking up, only the first one had actually beeped...This second time, I relaxed deeper and found myself loosing consciousness much easier - but then I was back again feeling my body. During the deepenings I recall some random imagery (a strange statue, a meadow - that I imagined and then it took on on its own etc) and some hypnagogic sounds that I correctly recognized as such. At some time I felt the familiar sensation of my body starting to roll by itself and I was happy! But right then, I got that painful cramp right were the movement was felt more intense - in my waist - and it blocked the movement. I simply relaxed and just waited, and soon another strong movement started - and the same painful cramp. This time it turned me around and I was now lying on my belly. I knew I was in my dream body - and I was holding my mobile phone. Nevertheless I did a finger through Palm RC - that was positive - and I stood up with no sight. I felt my hands and body trying to stabilize the dream but still no sights - and still some cramp in my waist. I imagined being in a beach and simply waited. Btw I was hearing road sounds and thought that they were real-world and was worried if the dream ones will cover them (when I woke up, I realized that my room was actually very quite). So, gradually I started to hear beach sounds and then I saw a beach - like a sketch/comic and it was moving all around me. I tried to stabilize it and gradually I was on a real beach with my feet in the sand. I then remembered my goal, took of my right sock (I had quite some difficulty taking it off as new layers of it were underneath but I finally did it) and my big nail was as it is in real life - with nail fungus. I manifested a glowing light between my hands - that was actually quite thick, almost pasty - and covered my nail saying that this will cure it. I saw the fungus floating in the light and then my nail was perfectly clear and healthy! I was so happy that I started laughing out of happiness within the dream! Then I got up and thought of what to do next. I was now in a kitchen, so I took a knife to see how it cuts dream objects but the dream faded. Tried to stabilize it but I was without visuals again. Still I was feeling my dream body and I had now moved in a lying position. Tried the finger through Palm RC: positive. Then tried to squeeze and cut one of my fingers but got a very strong, painful cramp in that finger, so I had to stop. I thought that these can't just be dream hands. Some form of energy must flow in them and that's why it hurts when I interrupt it. Then I woke in my bed...
    After waking up, I recalled other times that I had cut my fingers in a LD with no sensation at all...

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