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    Amazing multiple LUCID DREAMS

    by , 09-18-2014 at 07:34 AM (829 Views)
    Last night was my second SSILD attempt - plus I practiced ADA for second day- and I had an amazing LD, actually many lds chained with DEILD.
    In short, during SSILD I lost exact somatosensory senses, felt moving and I knew I was close... I drifted and then was in my bed again. Did a finger through Palm RC:+!!
    After some trial, I freed the rest of my body and was lucid with my family. Ate some strawberry chocolate (was delicious and very real in my mouth) passed through a wall, flew to the night stars and the scene fainted--in bed again.
    New RT:+ lifted again (and the same three more times until the end of my lucid) and tried sinking into the floor - went slowly one floor down (and my kid was there). Then (after drift+RT) asked a personal question to the dream. No answer but a strong pushing sensation (drift+RT) and through the wall again and outside running and flying over a road on the countryside. Thought about going to the great pyramid and after a while I saw it in the background. Flew towards there (discovered that flying towards a target works better) but it was far away.
    I was in a beautiful touristic location with many people. Run and parkoured down some path in the rocks and was at an attraction like a hollow pyramid or chimney. The great pyramid was far but
    I drifted again and this time REM was over: RT (-).
    Woke up very very happy. First lucid after 3 months of no lucidity!

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    1. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Well done!!!

      Now that you broke the dry spell, you will get a ton more lucids.
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