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    1. 02.04.2015. DILD: wonderful, long lucid #100, jogging and flying around a beach and a seaside town.

      by , 04-02-2015 at 09:50 PM
      Went to bed at 23:10 for 30 min, then at 00:00. WBTB at 04:40 for 20 min. While lying down, rehearsed the Raduga separation technique and made my affirmations. Had mild anxiety and stayed awake for quite some time (over an hour). At some point, I realized that I was looking at a seaside scenery and the image was quite bright. I quickly imagined bringing my hands forward and moving in the scenery.The vividness of the scenery increased and I was there, walking in the seaside street. Yes! I was so happy! I remembered the jogging TotM and decided to keep on walking and observing the scenery. I was walking on a dirt road and on my left was a beautiful sandy beach.
      A few bushes were on both sides and beyond the sea, I saw a strange silvering mountain with some kind of flag on top (if that was real, the flag would be huge) that changed shape as I was looking at it. I kept walking and the scenery didn't change a lot, apart from going uphill and downhill and passing by a few trees. Then I noticed that I was being followed by 2 old men. I felt uncomfortable, so I stopped and pushed them both down - knowing its a dream, so it's not bad to do so - and kept walking. I then reached the edge of a really high cliff.

      I jumped and started falling really fast. I feared that I would loose visuals as I was floating very high off the ground, so I concentrated on the feel of the air on my hands - that strangely I could feel on my left hand only. Just before touch-down, I glided forward and flew straight upwards. I was over a seaside town and I was trying to maneuver my flight. Having some difficulty, I grabbed the (imaginary) parachute controls - that I had successfully used in another lucid - and started accurately directing my flight. While on air, I tested all movements and I saw that turning left-right and stopping worked immediately, but gaining height had some delay and didn't always work as expected. So, I continued to fly over the house-tops and through the seaside village, immensely enjoying my flight - even though the control was not perfect.

      At some point, I felt that my parachute got stack -at an antenna? - so I just let it go, fell on the roof-top and jumped back up, imagining a new control and continuing my flight. At this point, I think that I lost some of the initial lucidity. Some kids are looking up and admiring my flight, so I land and say: come with me, I will show you how to do this. We walk and we come at the same dirt-road I was in the beginning and there were the 2 old men. This time I recognized them as my Father and my Father-in-law and I was very sorry for what I had done... I hugged them, asked them to forgive me and they said: it's ok, go show these kids how to fly! So we walk further trying to find the high cliff - but it's not there anymore. We reach a home and get inside, where in a large hall there are lots of kids asking me if I can fly and how to do it. I said: you first need to know that you are dreaming - and I demonstrate to them a positive finger-through-palm RC. One-by one they successfully try it (one also extended his fingers), so we conclude that we are all dreaming and I say: come with me to show you how to fly! But as we move outside,
      the dream fades and I am back in bed... I tried the Raduga separation technique but I was quite awake. Tried to go back to sleep so I could have another Lucid but I soon realized that it was late and I was well rested, so I got up and wrote this down, very happy for my Lucid!

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    2. 17.01.14 WILD? - DEILD? -phase? amazing flying Lucid!

      by , 01-20-2015 at 11:38 AM
      Went to bed at about 23:15, stayed conscious for quite some time looking at HI and then drifted. At 05:00, WBTB for 15 min and again, stayed conscious by observing the random HI. I didn't sleep well and at some point around 06:30 I was again awake and observing HI. I noticed that images were steady and quite clear - one particular image (a glass) was crystal clear and steady as I looked at it for a few seconds. Still I felt quite clearly my body in bed. At that point, I imagined lifting-flying, and I felt a strong pushing sensation and I was thrown out of bed in my dream body - standing but without sight. I am amazed - I finally did it again- and I opened my eyes with my hands - knowing that I am in fact in bed - so these must be my dream eyes. It felt as if I opened my real eyes and I am now in a room. My eyes still have some black texture but I imagine it go and it dissolves!
      My wife is there and tries to get me back to sleep but I kiss her and go to another room. I try to lock the door but the key is at the wall side and it is useless.


      It's an old aristocratic house and I go out to the balcony - opening the door normally without any problem. Now I am at the balcony with seats and a table - like a Cafè - and the dream is very stable and clear. I am so happy! My wife comes out and tries to convince me that if I fly I will fall! I try to levitate at the balcony without much success. Nevertheless I wait patiently - according to my plan - for levitation to happen. Now there is a green grass field just below the balcony (a few seconds before there was a street) and it's day and nice, sunny weather.

      (Without the buildings in the back)

      I jump down at the grass, run and jump high and try to fly. My jump is quite big but I fall back to the grass - on my back. I then feel being pulled and I am pulled backwards - my feet touching the grass. The idea strikes me that a square parachute is pulling me, so I grab the imaginary controls and I take of - always backwards - with ease! Nothing appeared in my hands, nevertheless the control was real and very accurate! I easily floated up - backwards - and flew with perfectly clear view of the ground, maneuvering easily my flight - backwards. I was over an old town with lots of grass and a castle.

      I flew towards the castle and at some point I pulled hard on one of the controls and turned around - flying straight now! I now enjoy my flight very much, because using the parachute controls, I have near-perfect control over my flight! I fly low between the houses over the street, gain altitude again and enjoy flying over the rooftops with perfect clarity, making dives and gaining height again! It's SO cool and nice! Best flight of my lucid life!

      At some point, I reach the end of a cliff and I let myself free-fall there to see what will happen. I fall and just land normally at the bottom, between some old traditional homes. I walk down the road when I remember the fireworks ToTM. I imagine that after the road corner, there will be fireworks ready to be ignited. I imagine them vividly over a red car that is half-hidden at the corner and walk there to find some strange looking fireworks over the car hood. They looked rather like paper christmas trees, yellow in color - I have to say that they were just as I imagined them - my initial imagination was incorrect.

      (Sort of... Actually all-paper and no texture)
      Immediately they ignite and burn down without going in the air... I imagine some more in a box that I am holding and take out 2-3 more. I get some matches (they are broken) and I manage to lit them, but again they burn down without lifting in the air... At that point the dream becomes unstable, I am surrounded by some kids and the fireworks burn down attached to a wall - and not the red car.
      Then, I wake up feeling very very happy - I had a great flight!

      P.s. The next day I went down with high fever and was barely able to move - until now, so I transfer this with 3 days delay!

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    3. Amazing multiple LUCID DREAMS

      by , 09-18-2014 at 07:34 AM
      Last night was my second SSILD attempt - plus I practiced ADA for second day- and I had an amazing LD, actually many lds chained with DEILD.
      In short, during SSILD I lost exact somatosensory senses, felt moving and I knew I was close... I drifted and then was in my bed again. Did a finger through Palm RC:+!!
      After some trial, I freed the rest of my body and was lucid with my family. Ate some strawberry chocolate (was delicious and very real in my mouth) passed through a wall, flew to the night stars and the scene fainted--in bed again.
      New RT:+ lifted again (and the same three more times until the end of my lucid) and tried sinking into the floor - went slowly one floor down (and my kid was there). Then (after drift+RT) asked a personal question to the dream. No answer but a strong pushing sensation (drift+RT) and through the wall again and outside running and flying over a road on the countryside. Thought about going to the great pyramid and after a while I saw it in the background. Flew towards there (discovered that flying towards a target works better) but it was far away.
      I was in a beautiful touristic location with many people. Run and parkoured down some path in the rocks and was at an attraction like a hollow pyramid or chimney. The great pyramid was far but
      I drifted again and this time REM was over: RT (-).
      Woke up very very happy. First lucid after 3 months of no lucidity!

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