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    Short lucid - phase

    by , 12-22-2014 at 09:46 AM (298 Views)
    After WBTB, I relaxed in bed, made my affirmation about multiple wake-ups and immediate "phase" cycles, did a trial cycle and tried to sleep. I had a hard time though and over an hour passed with me awake...
    At some time I feel myself in bed and imagine that I am flying - and I get a quite interesting sensation - like a half dream (I feel the bed but also some of the flight ) and I am not keeping my height also... In bed again and remember that before this a was in a different dream (that I failed to remember upon awakening). So, immediately I try to roll and I notice a strange sensation on my face. So I stick with it, move my face up and down and it's moving free! Starting from that I move my whole body and I am standing up without sight! I try to see a forest arround me without success...
    I touch my hands and feet to stabilize when suddenly, I see the flour - I am in a room. I see arround and I am quite short - the chairs are higher than me... I imagine myself getting taller and here I go....
    But immediately I am in bed. I try again the "phase" ...nothing. Most likely, end of REM.
    Short lucid but I enjoyed the experience!

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