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    Shoulder treatment, flight

    by , 12-02-2014 at 11:47 AM (686 Views)
    Last night, I discovered a new technique, a form of DEILD, outlined in a book called "the phase", tried it and it worked!
    After moving my phantom limbs, I freed myself and I was flying over a dark valley. I landed and remembering my intention, I materialized a ball of light suspending between my hands, grew it bigger (unfortunately while growing it, it lost its glow and seemed like and ordinary yellow toy-ball) and placed it on my aching left shoulder (to see if I get a cure in real life - I will find out in a few days a guess). Then I flew again for some time with no difficulty enjoying the night view over the fields and landed in a church, full with people attending a ceremony. Right after that, a huge UFO landed on top of the church and I lost lucidity going into a normal dream, that I do not remember as I record everything in the morning.

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    1. Kaan's Avatar
      Congratulations for this DEILD!
      And thank you for having reminded me this technic I forgot.
      As you know, I just tried it in a nap (without REM stage for me) and strongly felt the potential of this technic if used as it is supposed to be : by starting from a WBTB.

      could you please tell with more details what you did just before (how many hours of sleep before, how long was the WBTB, did you wake up naturaly just before the WBTB or with an alarm, how long did you wait for something happen and how many visualisations cycles did you do before the phanto limbs started to kick in ? )
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    2. SearcherTMR's Avatar
      Hi Kaan,
      I slept at 23:45 and woke with an alarm at 05:00. I stayed awake for about 15 mins and lied again with the intention to try the technic upon awakening. It took me quite some time to fall asleep again and I was in a in-between state. At some time I felt I was in bed again and started the technique right away: I tried to float with no success and then tried to feel my phantom arms move - they did and I separated easily, just like that. I felt a movement and I was flying over a valley. I know that it is not the exact procedure but it was the first attempt and perhaps the excitement that made it work...
    3. Kaan's Avatar
      Like you know (I write this for those who are reading your DJ), I gave a try to this tremendous methode and It worked!
      As I also gave a try (for the first time) to the combo Galantamine 4mg+choline 200mg, I had one of the longest and more stable LD of my life.
      I have to precise that I have been struggling for one to two years for having a ridiculous little number of short and borring LD, so it sounds like a Victorious come back to the LD world for me.
      Thanx again for having reminded me this technique.
      If we continue to have success with it, we'll have to open back the thread about this particuliar DEILD technic.
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    4. SearcherTMR's Avatar
      Just an update on the "treatment": my shoulder is much better - not perfect but definitely much better (I had pain for over two months with no sign of improvement). This (and two more balls of lights in next dream) made a difference!