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    06/30/2015 - the car/bathroom

    by , 07-02-2015 at 12:47 AM (395 Views)
    06/30/2015 - THE PACK FIGHT

    I donít remember a whole lot about this particular dream. I know that there were two werewolf packs, I was a member of one of them, and these two packs were going to fight, forÖ whatever reason.

    They gathered in this apartment complex and they were facing each other. Before the fight started they decided to do a little warm up, as rival werewolf packs do, and started chasing each other around.

    The other pack had this one particular werewolf who was super fast, and his legs moved like Roadrunnerís. The fight never really start, because I woke up. Funny thing was, I was watching ďTeen WolfĒ last night and I told myself I was going to have a werewolf dream.

    06/30/2015 - THE TWIíLEK COLONY

    There was a Twiílek colony near the beach. There was this area of the beach they couldnít enter because it was sacred. Since Iím an asshole, apparently, I did enter the area. Of course, I got stuck in like quicksand or whatever and I needed help getting out of there.


    Some of the Twiíleks didnít want to help me. They talked it over for a second. Some did want to help me. The elders helped me getting out. I think I dreamed about that because of the sound of this app Iím using to help me lucid dream, I picked an Ďocean soundsí thing last night.

    06/30/2015 - THE CAR/BATHROOM

    Okay, this one involves poop. So if that grosses you out, get out now.


    So the dream starts with me shitting myself in this car that had a toilet. However, the car, which of course was crowded, didnít have toilet paper. So I had to put my pants back on without wiping myself.

    I get out of the car and Iím in front of my friendsí building, but I was actually going home. LUCIANA, a colleague of mine, was with me. We went to my motherís apartment, in the dream I had moved out recently. We were in my sisterís room and I made sure to point out that THAT wasnít my room. Mine was a VERY manly.

    I also remember thinking that I didnít want Luciana to get the impression that I was hitting on her, so I was trying to be super respectful.

    Then I find out there are more people in the apartment. My Godfather, my momís ex boyfriend from 15 years ago, some of my cousins. They were all sleeping in my momís bedroom, though my mother wasnít there.

    I talked to them for a while and then I woke up.

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