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    Lots of dreams.

    by , 06-25-2015 at 01:24 PM (339 Views)

    A convoy is driving by some buildings when the first car loses control and hits a wall. For some reason all the carsí occupants get out. Apparently they already were where they wanted to be so it was all gravy. Or not. Why? Because we were in a goddamn Vampire Apocalypse. Yeah. Not Zombie. Think of ďI Am LegendĒ. Soldiers are get this big Mucky Muck into the building and then in an elevator. They go all the way to the penthouse where thereís this super high tech and protected Panic Room of sorts. The Mucky Muck is there with his daughter, and he talks to a woman on the phone.

    All of a suddenly, I get a call and Iím being guilted into protecting the Rich dude. Oh yeah, and I look like Will Smith (I think you can see that Celebrities are sort of a common theme in my dreams, I wonder if thatís a dream sign).

    So Iím in the Panic Room with the Rich Guy, heís all nervous and shit and Iím like this stoic bad ass, which is the funniest thing ever to me because irl Iíd be shitting my pants non-stop. I think the Rich Guy needs me to retrieve something for him.

    In the meantime we discover that Will Smith!Me is a lot older than I/he look(s), and that Iím actually the Rih Guyís grand father. Apparently I was bitten by one of the vampires when I was a little boy, but it didnít turn me. It did however slowed my aging process.

    Right around here my alarm wakes me up.

    I get up check my email, go to the bathroom, drink some water and then I head to bed again. (Mind you I wasnít trying WBTB I just really needed to see if Iíd gotten this email )


    My friends and I are in a gas station. I go into the convenience store to grab something to eat. Then we leave the car behind and start walking. So now more Vampire apocalypse. Zombies, apparently. I think the dream kind of shifted as we were walking, because I donít remember being nervous in the convenience store.

    So weíre in this old street in, I think Rio, lots of old torn down houses. We see this camp.It looks empty. I had a wall around itís perimeter. We figure thatís a good place to rest. So we enter to check it out. When Iím looking into one of the tents, weíre suprised by people who were already living there.

    Theyíre armed, but we outnumber them. I tell them thereís no need to fight and that we should maybe join forces. Strenght in numbers and all that. Their leader seems okay with the idea while the other people donít.

    I walk around the camp, some. Start a fire. Talk to one of my friend and thatís all I remember from this particular dream.


    Iím at work (a school) when my friend Alex shows up. Iím showing him the place, but apparently heís already been here and heís already know someone of my students. He stops by the library and hands a book to the librarian. The book actually belongs to one of my students.

    Then we go to my classroom. I sit by my desk as Iím about to start talking with him, my students come in. Theyíre dressed in this weird uniform and they all seem very proud. Apparently, they just won a spelling bee.

    The runner ups are also there, and they donít seem upset that theyíve lost. Of course, being the great teacher I am, I proceed to make fun of the losers.


    Iím at a park. The surrounds look a bit some, I donít know Paris. At least, what I assume Paris looks like. Thereís this Crazy Dude flying a stuffed squirrel like a kite (HOW DID I NOT KNOW THAT THIS WAS A DREAM!) heís doing this because he gets a kick out of seeing Falconís get all confused and attack the flying stuffed squirrel. I see one of the falcons attacking it and I do laugh, so maybe Iím a tad crazy too. There are two guys with videocameras shooting the falcons attack, I think, for a reality show. Man, the French are weird.

    I decide to leave I pass by a pretty girl whoís locking her car door. Her car is filled with junk. Her friend is awaiting for her up ahead. Also pretty. They are much younger than I am, though. Like maybe ten or fifteen years. On the corner I meet a friend (well, not a real life friend obviously, a dream friend). Actress SHANNYN SOSSAMON.

    I can tell right away that, even though we are friends Iím in love with her. But sheís more interested in partying her life away. I can tell that sheís sad. Thereís something bothering her. I ask her what it is. ďIím getting old.Ē She says, as the two younger girls approach us. We cross the street, I look at her face and I think about her silly sheís being. And then I tell her. ďYouíre way more beautiful today than when I met you twenty years ago.Ē Sheís smiles, and takes my hand into hers.

    As weíre about to enter a building I get a little bit bolder and I wrap my arm around her waist. She doesnít complain. Now, we enter the building and this is where my brain, obviously fucks everything up. The Stairs are impossibly hard to go through. Theyíre very narrow, and the apartmentís door look like doggy doors. So obviously, I get stuck. And I wake up.

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