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    The Method Actor

    by , 06-29-2015 at 09:21 PM (410 Views)
    After a night of NO RECALL, I had a night where I only remembered bits and pieces of my dreams. I think I just completely fucked up my sleeping cycle a little bit. I'll try to sleep better tonight.

    06/28/2015 - METHOD ACTOR

    I was hired to do a movie, but I got into character method style, and I was behaving like my character on set. The problem is that my character was a complete asshat, and I proceeded to be an asshat to all my castmates.

    06/28/2015 - THE STABBER

    My crew and I rob a party (I’m starting to think robbery is sort of a dream sign for me), the police arrive. We argue with the police officers (I dunno, maybe my mind is anti-violence, right now?), then we manage to escape somehow. Now, as we’re trying to disappear, this kid stabs a soccer player’s friend and we’re not implicated in the murder. So we have to help each other disappear.

    06/28/2015 - BAD TERMINATOR

    I’m chatting with Emilia Clarke, I think she’s sitting right at her trailer’s door. We don’t know each other very well in the dream, but I feel comfortable enough to be honest with her. Then, I proceed to tell her how choosing “Terminator” as her next film was an awful choice and how she’s 100 times better than that part. She smiles at me, she doesn’t seem offended at all by my bluntness.

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    1. NicoleVS's Avatar
      According to my dream dictionary (The Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language by Briceida Ryan), a celebrity in your dream means "you have been putting off placing a phone call because you are feeling intimidated. This call will change your life for the better. Make the effort to place the call." Is this relevant?
      SebastianCross likes this.
    2. SebastianCross's Avatar
      Not that I can think of. I dream about celebrities A LOT, tho, I just think it's because I'm a massive pop culture aficionado. (That being said, I'm not into GoT AT ALL. )

      Thanks for the input, tho!