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    11-26-14 Salivating bad guy

    by , 12-04-2014 at 08:50 PM (322 Views)
    Someone was making a new version of Lord of the Rings. it was turning out horrible. The orcs were basically people dressed up in chimpanzee suits. Sauron was a huge ugly monster and he had a wife. He ate his own spit.

    I was sent to live in a bookstore. There was an all-boys' section. As sort of a personality test and to see if I had what it took to live there I had to fight a Pokémon boss battle. I did horribly. Some obese teenager pushed me over from behind. I remember being a bit surprised by that.

    A screaming man came riding over a hill on a tractor and started shooting maniacally at me with a machine gun. I ducked underneath a car for protection and started saying my prayers.

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