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    Visions in the Dark

    1 of 3 - May 10, 2011

    by , 05-10-2011 at 08:18 PM (404 Views)
    The first of three dreams on May 10th, 2011:

    I am with my parents in a distorted version of the city I was raised in. It is a very hot summer and we are going to a swimming center to cool off. When we get there the swimming center has three pools in different rooms. The first room has a pool that has been converted to an ice rink, even though are are many pillars throughout, and there are hockey players in black and grey jerseys practicing on it. The second pool is huge and looks like two olympic sized pools stuck together. The thid pool in the last room is an indoor wave pool but it is closed for repairs.

    My parents go to the second pool, but I go into the first room to watch the hockey. The game is just ending and workers come out and do something to the ice which makes it melt right away. Some of the players take off their hockey gear and strip down to bathing suits and jump into the icy water. I stick my feet in but am not brave enough to get in the freezing water. Soon the workers return and begin draining the pool of the water. Tables are set up around the pillars in the pool and the tables are set for eating. A catering table is brought out and set up along one side of the pool and along the farthest end (in the shallow end) many tables are set up and hundreds of soapstone sculptures are put on display.

    Many people come into the first room from the other pool and begin eating. I am fascinated by the range of sculptures and ignore everything else to look closely at and admire them. There are two young men also looking at the sculpures, one middle eastern man and a caucasian man who is very handsome. I catch the eye of the caucasian man and blush and turn my attention back to the sculptures, pretending not to have been looking at the handsome man. I recognize some of the soapstone sculptures as famous one or ones that I have made myself. Some also look farmiliar though I cannot remember where I have seen them before.

    Time is warped somehow. I can feel myself moving slowing and everything around me is moving very fast. People come and go for their food in a blur and soon it is nighttime and the place is empty save for a few of the hockey players and the two young men I had seen before. They invite me over to the tables around the pillars to eat and I am excited to find that sushi is being served in abundance. Time seems to warp again and seen the hockey players are gone and only the two young men and I are left. We eat as much of the leftover sushi as we can because we don't want to see it thrown away and wasted.

    After we have eaten our fill I go back to the soapstone sculptures and continue admiring them. There are two peices that I am really attracted to and the handome causasian man comes over to tell me that he created those. I am speechless with awe and embarassed to recieve his attention and say nothing, but he comes and stands very close to me and shows me with great detail and intimacy how he created his work. I just stand there with my head and heart spinning and blush.

    There is an explosion outside. The middle eastern man comes running inside with some people I think are his family. There are more explosions and gunfire to be heard but none of us seem to know what is going on. Suddenly soldiers in black uniforms come barging in and seperate the middle wastern people from the causasian man and I. We try to tell the soldiers that they are our friends and innocent of anything, but they will not listen to us. The sounds of fighting continure outside and soon a commander dressed in American fatigues comes in and orders the middle eastern people arrested for terrorism. Again our pleas that they are innocent are ignored and they are carted away outside.

    Most of the soldiers follow the commander out, except for two, who are left to keep guard over the handsome caucasian man and I as we are placed uder house arrest and cannot leave the pool area. We huddle and shiver in fear together.

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