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    Visions in the Dark

    2 of 3 - May 10th, 2011

    by , 05-10-2011 at 09:49 PM (494 Views)
    I am my dream inarnate Chun-li, a chinese woman with long black hair. I am a part of a team of space explorers and we are attacked by a ship of rival explorers who have been following us and trying to stop us for some reason. We escape their grasp but our ship is damaged and we have to find a place to stop and repair it. We are in the middle of an unknown universe and we come across what looks like an abandoned space center. It is broken up into peices and our team is divided into groups to explore the various sections.

    I am with two others at first but I wander away from them and get lost, though I find a large bunker stocked with tools and food and other supplies. My communicator is not working and I cannot contact anyone else in my team. I also discover that the place is infested with thousands of alien rats that attack in hoards. I have a laser weapon, but I do not need it because somehow I know that I can telekenetically incinerate the alien rats with an intense fire, which I do so for the most part, though occasionally and randomly my powers "don't work" and I have to shoot the rats instead.

    I eradicate the infestation in the part of the space center I am exploring but find that my team has repaired our ship and left without me. I am furious and frustrated but without a working communicator there is nothing I can do. I go back to the storage area to sort through what can be used and what cannot when the entire ship sudders suddenly. I look out a window and see that the rival ship that had been trying to stop us before has crashed into parts of the space center.

    I am kind of worried because I do not want to be captured by the enemy, but on the other hand I would rather be a prisioner and taken care of than die alone on a ruined and abandoned space center. The other ship seems to use a tractor beam to pull the various parts of the space center together and then after a little while it detatched itself and flies away. I wander around a bit in the new sections of the space center that are now accessable and run into a member of the rival team who also seems to have been left behind. He is a handsome, muscular man with brown hair and he says his name is Jack or something.

    We are suspicious of each other at first but soon conclude that we have to get alone to survive. He is not a fighter but an engineer and mechanic and could repair parts of the space center to make it livable, or even flyable, but he needs my telekenetic fire powers to kill the hoards of aggressive alien rats that are flooding into all parts of the space center now that it is reassembles.

    We are able to secure one second of ship from the rats and make it livable, though I am not happy because there is only one bed and we have to share it. When we have to leave our secured area we go as a team and eradicate as many alien rats as we can. The dream becomes a bit blurred near the end and I think we succeed in eliminating the aliens and we start a romance but I cannot remember the details.

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