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    Visions in the Dark


    by , 04-03-2011 at 09:12 PM (398 Views)
    I am a spirit and invisible to some people, though I can voluntarily be visible in front of certain people. I can pass through floors and walls, yet I can reach out and move small objects and interact with the people who can see me.

    I'm not dead, and I am still human, but for some reason nonphysical existance is normal for me and my friends and co-workers accept that. I am working at an investigation office of some kind. Because of my non physical form I work as spy and information gathering. The building I work in is a three storey Edwardian style house and I can float around safely inside without bothering the many people who work there.

    My division manager is an young Asian man who's name starts with a T (but I forget the actual name now) and he sends me out in my invisible form to spy on gangsters and corrupt corporations working around the city. I always work at night because sun light hurts me or paralyzes me or something.

    The dream becomes blurry and I cannot remember a bit, but something happens and a big bad corporation with corrupt political ties obtains some kind of technology that not only detects my nonphysical presence, but can harm me if I come to close to security sensitive areas in their head office.

    Another of the bad guy's technologies is a machine that allows users to mimic my nonphysical form and float around, but unlike me, they are always visible in a semi-transparent state and cannot interact with physical objects. The people they test the machine on die afterwards. My boss, T is kidnapped and forced to used the machine. He dies before we can save him.

    I cannot remember the end of this dream.

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