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    Visions in the Dark

    Chun-li and Vince - gang members and double agents

    by , 07-14-2010 at 04:59 AM (505 Views)
    One of the main characters is my dream incarnation Chun-li, who is a Chinese lady with long black hair, though in this dream her hair is done up in a bun with copsticks holding it in place. The other is a tall, muscular man with dark brown hair who sometimes appears in my dreams to help Chun-li or is her love interest. I have decided to name him Vince, though his previous names have appeared randomly as Brent, Charles or Robbie. The setting is a small town overrun with rival gang factions who own most of the local businesses and often compete for control of and support from the local population.

    It starts off with Vince arriving in town, looking for work. He is a biker but has left his gang for some reason and has become a mercenary of sorts, for any gang that will have him. He finds employment at a seedy bar at first, part bouncer part janitor, but meets a local and wealthy Chinese business man who is a part of the local Triad gang and who agrees to introduce Vince to the Triad boss.

    The Triad boss is an old Chinese man in a dark grey business suit and he hires Vince to work at a resturant, but doing the same jobs at the bar, namely clean up crew and security during the night. The resturant has a huge dining hall and during many of the nights lower status Triads members have parties and then leave a huge mess for Vince to clean up before the morning comes. Despite the lack of respect Vince is treated with he keeps his mouth shut and does his work.

    One night after a party the Triad boss suddenly shows up and discovers the dining hall in disarray and questions Vince about it. Vince is relunctant to rat out the bosses own gang members but eventually explains what has been happening. Instead of getting angry the Triad boss decides he needs Vince's skills elsewhere and reassigns him to work at a hotel across town. It is at this hotel that Vince meets Chun-li, who workis park time as a barista in the hotel's lounge and part time as a dentist in an office next door to the hotel. Vince's jobs again include janitorial and security work, but also as a body guard for several of the people working at the hotel, including Chun-li who often infiltrates rival gang's business as a double agent.

    One night members of the gang try to infiltrate a record and clothing store owned by a rival biker gang that is located on the other side of the dental office. While they manage to get inside, they cannot access the backroom because the door has been locked shut and painted over to hide it. After unsealing the paint around the door's edges, Chun-li asks for three sewing needles with which she can force the lock open. She and two Triad members wait in the store while Vince and the others head back to the hotel to look for some needles.

    Just then the owner of the store arrives unexpectedly. Chun-li and the other two hide in a storage closet behind the cash register when they notice his presence. The store owner discovers the break-in and alerts the leader of the biker gang, who shows up not long after. Vince and the other Triads come out of the hotel and see that there are two bikers outside of the store and stand back at first to watch what will happen next, trying not to let on that they where part of the initial break in.

    When the two bikers pull out handguns and start to make their way into the store, Vince tries to distract them by pretending to be a concerned citizen passing by. When he is threatened by the bikers, Vince greets the two men with his old biker gang's greeting and the bikers then think that he is a fellow biker let their guard down. While this is happening, Chun-li and the Triad members to escape out the back door.

    When the store is secured the bikers try to recruit Vince as a member of their gang but he only pretends to, confesses that he works as a security guard at the nearby hotel and convinces the bikers that he will be a double agent for them. This satisfies the bikers and they leave. Vince returns to the hotel and calls up the Triad boss and details everything that just happened, including the fake promise to be a double agent for the bikers. The Triad boss is pleased with this, is impressed with he way Vince has handled the situation and frees Vince from janitorial duties at the hotel so he can concentrate working as a double agent with Chun-li.

    The next day the biker gang leader comes to Chun-li's dentristy office, needing some work done on his molars. He doesn't recognize Chun-li but suspects she is a Triad because she is Chinese and working next to a hotel known to be run by the Triads. The biker gang leader changes his mind about needing work done on his teeth and leaves suddenly, bumping into Vince who was on his way to check up on Chun-li. The biker leader thinks that Vince is going to get some dental work done and warns him that the office is propably owned by the Triads and that they should not patronize it. Vince makes up a convincing lie about having a terrible tooth ache and not being able to make any sooner appointments with other dental offices across town. The biker leader makes a plan to rob the dental office that night, after Vince has his work done, but Vince warns Chun-li about the biker gang leader's plan and she shuts closes the office after the biker leader leaves and has anything of value removed and hidden at the hotel next door.

    Some time passes and Chunli and Vince are relaxing in the hotel's lounge. Someone brings out some paints and some reference material and start painting. Chun-li wants to paint too but doesn't know how and Vince says that he will show her. They are playing with the paints and creating psychedelic abstracts when the dream suddenly ends.

    The dream never really explains why Vince stays loyal to the Triads even though he initially comes from a biker gang.

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