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    Visions in the Dark

    The City in the Sea

    by , 01-20-2011 at 08:49 PM (765 Views)
    The dream starts off with me standing at the edge of a river. On the other side there is a fight going on between a team of strong looking men riding big cats (lead by someone who looks like Heman) fighting some other dudes on horses and chariots. I cannot see any of their faces because they are wearing animal masks, but there is a man with long black riding a Siberian tiger that I keep looking at. For some reason he seems familiar to me.

    Suddenly I am in a stone built circular city that is an island of itself and in the middle of a turmoltuous sea. There are many waterways on the lowest level of the city to allow water to flow through, but occassionally there are mini tsunamis that rush through the tunnels and often flood the lowest level of the city, which sometimes even sweeps people not quick enough to move away. There are only two to four levels of the city, depending on what area you are in. The center and the east areas of the city are wealthy and technologically advanced while the west and south edges of the city are downtrodden and poor. The north edge of the city is a huge wall and many breakers to protect the city from the turbulent water and to lessen the inpact of the many tsunamis that hit.

    I am at the northern edge of the central part of the city (the "downtown" if you will) looking up at this glass box cars that move along rails in the air, like elevators that move horizonally instead of vertically. I am wandering around looking into shop windows because I am too poor to buy much and I meet a man with long black hair outside of a small museum. He is handsome and really nice and I do know it in the dream but he is the young man I saw the other day riding the tiger. There is an instant connection between us and we spend all day wandering the streets and talking and he asks me out to which I respond positively.

    We go on a few dates and I learn that the is the son of a wealthy bookseller in the eastern part of town but I am too embarassed about where I live and always arrange to meet him downtown so he doesn't know I am poor. We develop a quircky way of expressing our feelings but saying "I have a confession to make..." and then revealing something deep and personal. I am able to tell him everything I feel except that I am poor and live in the western edge of the city.

    I am totally crazy in love with him and even travel to his father's bookstore in the east (where he works) to visit him one day. When I first enter the bookstore the entrance hall is stacked with old war books and the such and I see one book cover that says "Sexual Trauma for Police Regarding..." I cannot see the last work but I think it is "Women." There is an old man milling about just outside the store. He looks like a scruffy Gordon Pincette and he eyes me warily. As I leave the store a mini tidal wave hits and floods the lowest level of the city.

    Inside the store I meet my boyfriend and ask when he is getting off work, to which he says 2:30pm. He then asks me if I would like to go out with him for the weekend to the only hotel on the island city to which I say yes. I visit the resturant beforehand to determine how nice of a place it is and find that it is so posh that I will have to go out and buy a new dress, which will not be easy because I do not have a lot of money. On the weekend my boyfriend treats me to a wonderful meal and then we return to our lavish hotel room and drink wine and make love all night.

    The next day my boyfriend is called away unexpectedly and we have to cut our weekend date short. He has been called away because the heman crew needs him, but since his identity is supposed to be a secret I do not know this. He makes up an excuse about his father being ill. Later in the week I drop by his father's bookstore to see him but he is out and I am confronted by his father, the Gordon Pincette character, who is unhappy about his son's relationship with me and tells me that I have to stay away from him because I am a distraction. When I ask what that means the father threatens me and says that if I see his son again, or tell him about the threats, that he will have me killed. I am scared and heartbroken and run home. I do believe that the father could kill me because he is very rich and has a lot of political power in the city

    That night I am working on a soapstone turtle by candlelight (it is how I make money) when I hear two men fighting outside. There is a terrible scream and I open my window and look out to see the two men, both whom I do not know; one man running away and the other man laying on the ground badly bleeding. I run outside and try to stop the bleeding but the man dies just as the police show up. They see me covered in blood and try to arrest me, but some of my neighbours come out and tell them that I was just trying to help. The police take me downtown anyway and after questioning me all night they release me in the morning.

    While I am walking home I run into my boyfriend and he asks why I have been avoided him. I say that I cannot tell him and start crying which caused him to insist more. He tells me how much he loves me and misses me and I turn away from him, saying that I just cannot see him anymore. I run away from there and to the northern point of the city where the breakers are and contemplate throwing myself into the sea. The two police men who questioned me earlier suddenly show up just stand there and watch me from the highest platform.

    In the distance I can see a tsunami approaching rapidly and I make no effort to reach higher ground because I am so depressed that I do not care if the water takes me away. I can hear the policemen shouting too me to get off the breakers and back onto the safe platform but I ignore them. There is a pole nearby and when the water hits I wrap my arms around it at the last moment and avoid being washed away. Afterwards the policemen make their way over to me and asked how I survived because they say that they have seen many people try to grab the pole and get washed away anyway. I remember saying something about crossing my arms around the poll rather then just hugging it or something but the dream changes and the policemen suddenly disappear.

    My boyfriend is there instead and he puts his arm around me in comfort and says "I have a confession to make..." and than proceeds to tell me about his secret identity as the tiger riding man. I also say the confession line and than tell him that I am poor and live in the western end of the city. He tells me that he doesn't care where I am from and wonders why I ran away from him earlier. I tell him about his father threatening me and he doesn't seem surprised at all. My boyfriend tells me that his father knows about his secret crime fighting life and told me to stay away from his son because he was afraid that his son would forget about being a crimefighter.

    I am relieved and happy, but still feel unsettled about something I cannot describe when the dream ends.

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