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    Visions in the Dark

    Crippled, then able to fly.

    by , 05-08-2010 at 06:45 PM (533 Views)
    Dream starts off in a center for the physically disabled somewhere in the United States. There are many young people there who have some form of physical disability but they also are all conscious and able to communicate. I have recently been admitted and though a am conscious I am unable to talk or anything and my entire body is paralyzed. I am a mystery case for the facilatators of the home because I did not have any identification on me when admitted and they do not know how to contact any relatives. There are three people who work there. The owner of the organization: a black haired man man in his mid thirties, a light-brown haired female attendant in her mid fourties and a blond male attendant also in his mid fourties.

    I am put in a wheelchair and rolled into a amplitheater room with a big screen and there is a nature movie or documentary playing. The other disabled teens try to talk to me and though I can hear them, I am unable to respond. After the movie is over the other teen are returned to their rooms but the attendants and I am the last to go. For some reason the female attendant doesn't like me and she dumps me out of my wheelchair onto the floor down a little used hall, where I lay all night and most of the next day.

    During the night my spirit is able to leave me body and I can float around the center and watch things going on. While the owner is in his office the two attendants retreat to an office on the other side of the building and start drinking alcohol and doing drugs. After the owner leaves the intoxicated female attendant rifles through the owner's officer looking for something. There is a part of the dream involving elevators on the outside of the building leading to secret top for rooms or something but the dream is fuzzy and I cannot remember much.

    The next day a female inspector arrives unannounced and find me laying on the floor in the back hall. The male attandant is perplexed but the female attandant denies all knowledge of anything and tries to blame me for faking my vegatable state and when that doesn't work she claims one of the other disabled teens must have done it, even though it would be physically impossible for them, literally.

    Even after all this I am still left on the floor as the center continues with it's activities as normal. The attendants ignore me but some of the disabled teens try to protest on my behalf, but to no avail. I am still out of my body and my spirit still floats around. That night my spirit follows the female attendant after her intoxicated fling with the make attandant, into a room in the basement which has a big decorated door at the other end.

    She goes through the door and it opens up into a grand baroque design dining hall where many tables are elegantly set for many guests. The ceiling is very high and huge bay windows let lots of light in as if it were the middle of the day. Between the tables and leading to other rooms is a set of traintracks for a train about 1/3 the size of the real thing. At the large table in the center of the room sits North Korean leader Kim Jong-il with his entourage. His followers are singing praises to their leader and a little Korean girl in gymnastic tights is dancing on the table.

    The female attandant whom I followed in spirit begins putting wine galsses on the tables and is pouring wine for everyone as more guests arrive. The new guests are wither Korean or Caucasian but all seem happy to be in the presence of Kim Jong-il. There are several other servants and one woman and man are giving people wine filled glasses but for some reason they keep putting the glasses on the table upside down and spilling the wine all over the guests, though no one seems bothered by this. A train suddenly appears from another room and pulls up in front of Kim Jong, who boards it along with many of his guests, and it starts weaving along the tracks and around the room, and eventually to other rooms which are also in the baroque style and as elegantly decorated.

    My spirit follows unnoticed by everyone except the North Korean leader who starts yelling at me to come closer and teach him how to fly. His entourage ignore their leader's yelling at seemingly thin air as drunken rambling and continue singing his praises. I fly above the train for a while but it sudden exits the building and stops on a high hill over looking a forest. My spirit transforms into a dark brown eagle or hawk and I start flying out over the forest. King Jong-il transforms into a Bald Eagle and follows.

    I dip through tree branches and swerve in and out of thickets trying to lose my follower but he is able to stay on my tail. The forest gives way to a city with many tall buildings and skyscrapers and I easily sail over top of them while Kim Jong seems to have trouble maintaining the same amount of hight, though he is able to keep pace with me by flying around the tall buildings and not over them.

    He tries to talk to me about one of his sons, but I am too busy enjoying the freedom of flying and I ignore him. The city ends and an ancient forests will trees as tall as skyscrapers appears and I fly low through their thick trunks. There are stick and mud huts built in some of the trees and I can see primitive people living there. They come out of their little houses or stop working to watch me fly by. Somewhere along the way I have lost the Kim Jong bald eagle but I think little of it and keep flying. The ancient forest eventually gives way to beautiful snow capped mountains and a pristine, sparkling lake.

    The dream ends there.

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