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    Visions in the Dark

    The Dark Forest and the Wolf Man

    by , 05-04-2010 at 05:00 AM (393 Views)
    I am walking through a hilly, temperate forest at night. The full moon illuminates the way and the sky is filled with brilliant shining stars. I look like my dream incarnate Kalima and I am wearing a lavender dress and heavy grey, hooded cloak. Occasionally I pass large jutting rocks from the side of a hill, some of which have small caves in them. I explore a few of the larger caves but find nothing of interest. I come to a small river and hesitate to cross because the thick forest on the other side seems ominously darker than the one I just passed through.

    The river is not that deep and I only get wet up to my ankles as I cross. As soon as I am on the other side I hear a rustling in the dark forest of something that sounds like it is moving away very quickly. I start to run and try to follow the sound, curious to see what it was, but not as much moonlight can penetrate the thick forest canopy and I cannot see the forests floor as well and keep tripping on rocks and roots and stuff. After a while I realize that I am very deep in the forest now and lost.

    As I continue to walk I get the growing sensation that something is following and, becoming a little paranoid, I start thinking that I can hear something creeping along the forest floor behind me. I walk for a very long time but eventually see what looks like the end of the dark forest. I start jogging towards the growing light and seemingly open space but have to stop abruptly as the edge of the forest stops immediately at a steep cliff.

    At the bottom of the cliff, for as far as the eye can is another forest which gives way to large snowy mountains in the far distance. Immediately below where I am standing is a small sparkling pool that is fed by a small waterfall coming out half way down the cliff. The water in the pool is very dark, but yet the surface of it glows with a soft bluish white light. There are few outcropings in the cliff that allow me to climb my way down to the pool, but it is kind of far and I am tired by the time I reach the bottom.

    When I have caught my breath I go over to the pool and look into it's deep, dark waters. The full moon just happens to be in a position in the sky that when I look into the pool and see my reflection, the moon is directly behind my head's reflection and it looks like have a halo. I am kind of amused by this but it is short lived as the feeling that something has been following me is suddenly confired. In the mirror image of the cliff side I can see a wolf looking over the edge at the top and making eye contact with me through the water's reflection.

    I look up at the cliff top and there is a wolf standing there staring at me. He is large and grey and black and stares at me hard with peircing yellow eyes. He suddenly leaps from the top of the cliff. As he falls through the air his body changes to that of an human shape, though he still has a wolf face and is covered in wolf fur. He has the strange bluish white glow of the pool and I know that he is the guardian of it. He lands, standing upright but doesn't attack or anything. He justs stands there staring at me, breathing heavily.

    I cannot remember any more of this dream.

    I drew a picture of the Wolf Man as best I could. See the image here.

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