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    Visions in the Dark

    The Demon Swords

    by , 07-14-2010 at 05:12 PM (416 Views)
    The setting of this dream is medieval Europe, but many of the characters look like they are from the japanese cartoons Naruto and Bleach. There is a forest that stretches across the land from east to west, with an ocean and port town to the south and mountains (and another town) to the north. The main protagonist of this dream is a young man of the peasant class who looks like Gaara from Naruto, but besides appaerence, has no other similarities with that character. The young man had a weird name, like Spicy or something, and he lived in a run down shack, with his grandfather, in the forest.

    The dream starts off with the grandfather on his death bed, warning his grandson to stay away from the wealthy neighbours who lived not far away, because they were bad people and were rich and powerful only because they convened with demons. After the old man dies Spicy stays away for a while, but increasing poverty makes resisting breaking into the rich neighbour's storehouse too much of a temptation.

    Spicy recruits two friends (who look similar to Ichigo and Uryū from Bleach) and they raid the storehouse and make off with many valuable items, including three longswords found locked in a chest. After divying up the spoils and each taking a sword for themselves, the three young peasant boys go their seperate ways to hide their stash and agree to not use or sell their stolen items until after the robbery has been discovered and they are assured that they will get away with it.

    Spicy is able to hide all of his loot, except for the longsword, which he finds himself oddly attracted too. He had held a weapon before, but nothing as big or elaborate at the sword he stole. It felt warm to the touch and fit surprisingly well into his grip. That night as he try to sleep he had dreams about the sword and woke up several times believing he had heard someone with a deep, raspy voice calling his name.

    The next day the break-in is discovered and the wealthy and powerful neighbours have all of the peasants in the area rounded up and arrested, regardles if they have proof of their innocence or not. Spicy is able to escape from the guards and returns to his home to retrieve the stolen longsword, still obsessed with it's image in his mind and wanting to free his poor neighbours.

    Spicy feels strangly overconfident and combative, but lets the feelings flow through him and attacks the prisoner barracks where his friends are being held. In his mind he only wanted to disarm the guards but instead he ends up slaughtering them, to the shock of the prisioners. Logically Spicy is aware that he is now in deep shit, but emotionally he is thrilled at the bloodshed and desires more. A vague thought to be rid of the sword crosses his mind but the ever growing obsession with the blade and what it can do crushes any such thoughts quickly.

    Moving on to the next prison, Spicy means to only disable the guards but again ends up slaughtering them. This time his two friends show up to stop him, each carrying the swords that they stole, but when they look upon the bloody aftermath of Spicy's prisonbreak, they too are filled with a mysterious urge to fight and kill.

    The three truculent young men head to the last prison and kill the guards. This time though, Spicy is not satisfied and wants to fight some more, battle and bloodshed having completely taken over his mind. So strong is his desire to continue using the sword that he turns on his friends and picks a fight with them. They too are being overwhelmed with the desire to fight and soon the three peasant boys are in a forest glade having a Mexican standoff of sorts with their stolen longswords.

    Before they can kill each other a small army of a hundred or so guards arrives and surrounds them completely, imploring the boys to give themselves up or be killed. Spicy jumps headlong into fighting but his companions are more reluctant to face so many opponents and run away. Spicy fends off most of the guards but is injured and forced to flee after his friends.

    Near a lake in the mountains to the north, the three friends reunite. The obsessive need to fight has not left them and they start to fight each other again. For the first time Spicy becomes aware of a demonic presence living in his sword, urging him to slaughter his friends. Even though the awareness that he has been possessed dawns on him, Spicy continues to fight his friends, half enjoying it and half unable to stop.

    The friend that looks like Ichigo kills the friend who looks like Uryū - and when that boy's body falls into the lake and floats away surrounded by blood - the image is enough to startle Spicy and his friend into awareness for a moment and pause their fighting. The overwheming urge to fight and shed blood returns quickly to Spicy and he is unable to stop it, but the Ichigo looking friend is able to put down his sword and be free of the demon possessing him. He urges Spicy to do the same but is cut down by his friend for his efforts.

    Completely possessed and beyond all rationality, Spicy runs off into the mountains and I cannot remember any more of this dream.
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