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    Visions in the Dark

    Demons and Dragons

    by , 11-23-2011 at 03:28 PM (872 Views)
    This dream starts off very surreal and erratic like and I am viewing what looks like life size political cartoons on a amphlitheater stage. One image morphs into the next and soon the images are animated like a cartoon. There are many random images that constantly change and only one sticks out and it is near the end of this "show" which is a burly, orange bearded man who is naked except for a green leprechaun hat that he is wearing on his head. The amphlitheater dissolves and I am standing in a Medieval town with a circular shape. There is a park space of some kind in the middle, littered with what looks like ruins from Greek or Roman ancient cultures, and I am there watching the naked man with the leprechaun hat talking to some villagers. I am there, but no one can see me or hear me, not even the naked man.

    The people of the Medieval town are mostly peasants and superstitious and they call the naked man wearing the leprechaun hat "the Joker" and are afraid of him. Many villagers run away and hide in their homes while others try to either scare or bride the Joker to go away. Instead of leaving, the Joker splits in two and creates a double of himself so there are now two Jokers. The second Joker looks exactly the same as the first except he is wearing an orange leprechaun hat and has a black heard, though otherwise he is also chubby and naked.

    People's spiritual auras become visible and most of the villagers have blue auras and the two naked leprechauns have red auras. The villagers who have red auras are drawn to the Jokers in a trance while the blue aura villagers run away because they know that something bad is going to happen. Though no one can see me I notice that I have a green aura.

    The first Joker creates a beam of light from his hand and makes a big "X" mark on a crumbling brick wall. This creates a portal to a dimension where only red aura creatures lived, which in the dream meant twisted and evil things. Monsters and demons start pouring out of portal in the hundreds and attack villagers and buildings in the town, though many also fly away, presumably to attack distant towns and castles. The two Jokers fuse together again and twist into a grutesque form that is part fat leprechaun and part scaley demon.

    Admidst the stream of horrible creatures exiting the portal I spot a young woman, with a white aura, who is naked and laying on the ground. The demons do not seem to see her and march right on by. The woman is conscious and enticing a large shadow above the portal towards her. I cannot tell what the shadow is. I could "sense" that is was a mighty dragon, but the shape of the shadow suggested a muscular man. The dragon joins the woman on the ground and they start having intercourse, though the scene isn't animated and I see it play out in front of me as panels in a manga. The monsters and demons continue to exit the portal and go by without noticing either of them.

    When both the woman and dragon man have orgasmed they disappear (and the dream is animated again) and a very large golden egg appears in their place. The demons coming out of the portal do actually notice the egg and they know it is a bad thing for them and they start attacking it. Even though the egg seems indestructible, I feel a strong desire to protect it and put myself between the attacking monsters and the egg.

    I get hit by the Joker demon and I am thrown back into the egg. The impact doesn't hurt me and I do not feel a thing, though it was strong enough to crack the egg. A flash of brilliant light pours from the crack and instantly vaporizes any demons it hits. The crack gets bigger until the egg smashes open and a glowing white ball of light is left in its place. Hundreds of full grown, winged dragons, of all different colors, come flooding out of the light and begin attacking the demons until almost none are left except for the Joker demon.

    The Joker demon reverts to his naked humanoid form and plays innocent, but the giant and mighty dragons surround him and prevent him from escaping. They seem to have an angry conversation, though I cannot understand what they are saying because the language is what I can only decribe as "reptilian."

    I am guessing the dragons convince the Joker to close the portal because he does so. As soon as the portal is closed one of the largest dragons uses magic and skrinks the Joker down to a size so small that he can fit in the palm of my hand. This dragon then tells me that it is my duty to watch over the Joker and make sure he never causes trouble again. I am given the miniature Joker and I put him in the breast pocket of my coat. Thankfully he is wearing clothes, which were put on him when he was shrunk down in size, and he is visibly unhappy though seemingly resigned to his fate.

    The dragons all fly away in different directions and I watch then until I can no longer see them on the horizon. The ball of light where the dragons came from fizzles out and only shards of gold egg shell are left laying on the ground. The gold egg shell turns out to be real gold and when the villagers who survived gather in the park, many of them begin fighting, often literally, over the valuable egg shells.

    The dream changes a bit and I am in the yard of my first public school, standing on a hill and looking at what looks like a doll house sized version of the Medieval town I was just in with a friend. The school yard is full kids playing all around us and at the top of the hill there are some dragons about the size of dogs staring down at me and my friend. My friend is pointing to the minature town and mocking the idea that the dragons of the small Medieval town are in anyway better than the dragons sitting at the top of the hill, as if the dragons in the previous segment of my dream were not even real at all and it was ridiculous to even consider it.

    The dream ends here.

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