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    Visions in the Dark

    Depressing campsite

    by , 04-03-2011 at 09:34 PM (455 Views)
    I am at a campsite near a lake. I am poor and have few posssessions and I think I either live there or am staying their until I move on to a new place because I am essentially homeless. The roads and campsite grounds are mostly gravel, with tress scattered here and there.

    I keep to myself and mostly stay on my site but for some reason a group of three adolescent boys start throwing small rocks at me. I ask them to stop but it only provokes them and soon their are five boys throwing handfulls of gravel and rocks at me. People on surrounding campsites do nothing to help and only stare. My tent offers little shelter and it collapses. I suddenly remember that I have an archer's bow and I go and get it. The bow I find looks like it was constructed of plastic and duct tape and I only have three arrows. I try to fire an arrow at the boys as a warning shot, but it turns out my bow IS made of platic and duct tape and it falls apart.

    A vagrant old man suddenly appears and hands me a dart gun and some darts, telling me that this will be much better. Suddenly something happens (but I can't remember what) and the boys throwing the rocks suddenly stop and run away. I have not fired the dart gun so I don't know what scared them off. I am exausted and sore but my tent has been destroyed and the only possesion I have left is a blanket, a sleeping bag and a pillow.

    I leave the campsite to find a slab of concrete near a building to sleep on, but other vagrants have picked spots around the building and space is scared. I don't know what the building is or used to be and the windows and doors have been boarded up. There is a road that either leads deeper into or exits the campsite and it runs right only where all the vagrants are trying to hunker down for the night. Many people shout unkind things or throw garbage at us and it is near impossible to sleep. I become so frustrated I go for a walk and when I come back a blond haird man has stolen my spot and is sleeping in my blankets.

    Suddenly I cannot cross the road because it is a deep chasm filled with a raging river and I feel depressed and tired and want to throw myself in.

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