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    Visions in the Dark

    A dog race, shrinking, and terrorists in Turkey.

    by , 05-12-2010 at 06:04 PM (396 Views)
    Dream starts off with me at some sort of Olympic event for dogs. There is a race down a long winding path that looks like a bobsleigh track. The dog I have entered looks like my friend RM's previous dog Memphis, a shetland sheepdog who passed away last year. Spectators and other dog owners have gathered in a sphirical room where the race starts and where it can be watched on a large screen t.v. There are many people there but the only one's I really pay attention too are a group of three young men who are dressed in black or dark blue suits and look like hitmen. They are determined to win and I fear they may become violent if they lose.

    The race begins but I am too worried about watching my back and keeping an eye on the dangerous looking suited men than the ranking of my dog in the race. The race ends and neither I nor the suit men win but for some reason I leave the statdium with them and we all leave our dogs behind. Outside there is a path that leads to floating boardwalk that goes over a lake to a townhouse complex on the other side. As we cross the boardwalk it starts to sink and we are forced to swim across. For some reason we have to do all of this unseen by others because we are running from something but I cannot remember the reason anymore. The most handsome of the suit men sticks close to me and is very protective. I think his name was Vince because he looked like Vincent Valentine when he was a Turk.

    When we get to the other side we have shrunk and are about the size of crows. We start sneaking around one of the townhouses when we run into my friend RM and her dog Memphis. She tells us that the coast is clear and that we can get by unseen. Past the townhouse complex is a parking lot, then a trailer park where the Vince's alcoholic father lives. We take shelter in father's trailer and Vince and his father argue about something.

    Beyond the trailer park is a huge grocery store which we have to sneak through to get to something on the otherside. We dodge through aisles and onto a table with fruit when we are spotted by some shoppers but they don't threaten us like we thought they would and rather only show curiousity about our small size. The four of us finally get through the grocery store and find ourselves in a dirty run down town.

    The dream changes and Vince's two companions disappear and he language and dress of the poor people walking around inform us that we are in a slum in the eastern European country of Tukey. The slum is overrun with gangsters and terrorists and anyone who lives there are virtual prisoners. Vince and I are normal size again and we are now lovers and he is my fiancee. Because of the dangerous conditions of the city we go are seperate ways because Vince has to find something that will let us get out of the slum and to freedom and I am told to mill about a trade center to wait for him.

    The trade center is filled with goods from all over the world and I am amused to find a section of Canadian memorabelia and soapstone carvings. There are explosions outside and the people in the trade center panic and start running around to find cover. I ask one old woman what is going on and she tells me that terrorists have been randomly attacking the slum and bombing certain streets. I go outside to try and find Vince and see that there are people walking around cautiously either trying to go about there business or find shelter.

    There is an older man who works somewhere nearby that I think can help me, but the bombings are close to where I think I can find him. I search up and down many narrow dirty streets until I find the dentist's office where the older man works, but it is closed and no one is there. I walk out of the alley and see a gang of men wearing masks, carrying weapons and riding crudely built motorbikes riding up and down the streets forcing people to do as they say and to go inside or they will kill them. I know these are the terrorists and I have to hide behind some debris in an alley to avoid being seen until they pass.

    I run into a woman who says she knows where the old man is and I follow her to a cafe halfway across the slum. We manage to get there unnoticed by thugs and find many people trying to take shelter or relax and have a coffee. The older man is there and he admits that he knows where Vince is but first we have to go back to his dentist's office to get something. On the way we are stopped by some masked men who threaten us, but the old man shows them a pass of some kind and says that I am his daughter (and he is escorting me home for the forced curfew) they begrudgingly let us on our way.

    At the dentist's office the old man is dismayed to find that it has been broken into and the place has been ransacked. His money, passport documents and stash of cigarettes has been stolen. The old man thinks awhile about what to do next before deciding that we should head to the trade center which is not that far away.

    The dream becomes fuzzy and I cannot remember a bit but somehow we meet up with Vince who had been captured and tortured by some terrorists. The old man bribes someone to take us to a port town nearby where we can sneak onto a cargo ship and onto freedom. We succeed in getting on the ship but some gangsters or terrorists find out that there are two people trying to escape from Turkey and they get there own ship to pursue us. The crew of the cargo ship get nervous about having us as passengers and dump us on a small island not far away from the port on which there is a circular fortress of some kind that has many levels underground.

    Vince suddenly looks like he appeared in Dirge of Cerberus and has acquired some guns from the cargo ship crew and he sends me into the lower floors of the building. He is able to kill some of the pursuers but is forced into the bowls of the fort when confronted with the leader of the terrorists. He gives me one of his handguns and tells me to go to the lowest floor and wait for him. I can hear gun fire and yelling but don't know what is going on until Vincent and the terrorist leader come running down, shooting at each other. The terrorist leader has transformed into a hideous beast and is more impervious to bullets. Vincent has trouble taking him down and just before the end the leader summons more warriors to fight for him.

    There is a long gun battle all over the basement of the fort but Vincent eventually triumphs with my help but the dream ends before we leave the island or anything.

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