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    Visions in the Dark

    The Eagle Crest

    by , 06-14-2011 at 09:45 PM (598 Views)
    (There is a "trigger warning" on the content of this dream.)

    I am an archeology student working in a museum in Montreal. I have volunteered to document and study items that are in the backrooms of the museum's storage areas. All of the items had been ignored or forgotten about because no previous archeologists thought they were important. The civilizations or cultures and time frame the artifacts come from are unknown and it is my job to find out when and where they came from. The items I found and set aside to look at include various peices of ancient looking jewelry, a few peices of pottery and a roughly triangular peice of metalwork that features some sort bird with its wings spead out and the bird's head facing to the right. The outline of the bird and the outer edge of the peice is orange while the background is a deep blue. I give this item the name of the "Eagle Crest."

    I tell my department head (Professor Alberts) about the items and he doesn't seem interested at first but says that I can continue my investigations as long as they do not interfere with my other student studies in the museum. One night, after closing time, I am working on a thesis on a computer in one of the museum offices and suddenly a bunch of screens and files start popping up at random and I cannot close them. The files that are appearing are refering to some of the items I found and disclosed to Prof. Alberts and when the files start being downloaded to an outside source I finally realize that the computer is being hacked and I turn it off.

    The next day I tell Prof. Alberts what happened and he tells me to put the items in his office where they will be safe, which I do, except for the Eagle Crest, which I had on my desk, because I wanted to study it that night. When night comes, after everyone has gone home, the museum is broken into and the box of artifacts I had set aside to study was stolen from Prof. Alberts's office, except for the crest which was in my desk in another part of the museum. The buglars stole nothing else and seemed to beeline only for that box of artifacts and this made me think that they knew exactly what they were looking for and knew where to find it. Suspecting an inside job, I do not tell Prof. Alberts that I still have the Eagle Crest and instead I hide it in one of the unorganized and unused storerooms filled with undocumented artifacts, knowing that no one will find it there. I am also worried that if I come forward that I did not put the crest where it was supposed to go the night of the robbery, that people will think I had something to do with the robbery itself or knew about it in some way.

    Later I am in my apartment thinking about the crest and the robbery and the nagging feeling that the two are related somehow. It is early in the morning because I have not been able to sleep and I am in my night clothes with are nothing more than an orange tank top and blue panties. I am so deep in thought that I do not hear someone enter my apartment until that person opens my bedroom door. It is a tall, thin, blond man, wearing glasses and dressed in a black suit. He is holding a handgun and demands that I get dressed and come with him. I am freaked out that someone is in my apartment but also angry and embarassed that I am walked in on when wearing so little clothing. I demand that he turn around so I can change but he says no and watched me with no expression as I get dressed. I ask him who he is and where we are going but he ignores me and says that I need my identifaction and passport. I resist leaving my apartment but the man says that I am in danger if I stay and that he is taking me somewhere safe. I demand to know why I should trust him and he says that there are some gangsters on their way to kidnap me because they think I know the location of the Eagle Crest and that they will torture me to get the location of it. I ask the man how I am supposed to know if I can trust him or not but he ignores me again, grabs my arm and drags me downstairs to his car waiting behind the building. I know he has a gun so I don't want to piss him off and just obey.

    As we are in his car and pulling out of the apartment complex driveway, a car pulls up to the front of the building and several large, burly looking men in dark suits and wearing sunglasses get out and start toward the apartment. One of them looks our way and they seem to recognize either me or the man I am with because he begins shouting and the other men begin running our way, pulling out guns and pointing them in our direction. The blond man speeds out of there and down the street as fast as he can, even as the gangsters start shooting in our direction. The blond man ignores the traffic lights and roadsigns and races through the streets at top speed but soon the dark car is behind us and we are followed all the way out of Montreal. We speed and weave through traffic and eventually seem to lose our pursuers. I ask my kidnapper where we are going and he says New York City. I begin crying because I am scared and the man says that I should not be afraid because none of this is my fault and that he is just trying to protect me. I say I still don't know if I can trust him or not, and he asks me to open the glove compartment which I do. Inside is a large silver coloured hand gun and he asks me to take it. I protest because I have never held a gun before, let alone use one, and he says that it is for my protection and that he will tell me how to use it.

    Shortly after giving me instructions on how to use the gun and telling me to hide it in my bag, the blond man loses control of his car when we are rear ended by the dark car filled with gangsters that has suddenly caught up with us. The car skids out of control and comes to a stop in a ditch and before the blond man can reach for his own gun, several of the gangsters open fire through the driver's side window and he is struck several times. I am pulled kicking and screaming from the passenger side and dragged over to the gangster car and forced into the trunk. My bag is still hanging over my side and the gangsters do not search through it. It is hot and cramped in the trunk and we drive for a long time. I do not know how long but it is dark by the time the goons stop at a motel and finally let me out of the trunk. They let me go to the bathroom in the motel room and I lock myself in and cry for a while. Eventually they bash the door down and force me to come out. None of the gangsters talk to me at first, but one tries to get me to tell him the location of the Eagle Crest by saying that they will let me go immediately if I tell them where it is. I say that I don't know and that it was stolen when the museum I was interning at was broken into. This is the answer I give many time when they press the same question many times in different ways. Eventually they give up and let me fall asleep on one of the beds.

    I wake up at some point in the night and without moving myself much to alert them to my wakened state I try to see were the goons are. Two are sleeping on chairs by the window and I cannot determine the location of the third, but the fourth is laying on the other motel bed with his pants pulled down and masterbating to a pornographic film playing on the television. I am using my bag as a pillow and I can feel the outline of the gun under my head, but I still lay motionless, fearful to alert the gangster who is still awake that I too am conscious. I close my eyes with the intention of waiting for the guy to fall asleep but just then the gangster that I could not locate comes out of the bathroom and jokes with the other guy that they should rape me while I am sleeping. The other guy thinks that is a great idea and rolls off of his bed and on top of me. I scream and struggle and try to reach for the gun but I am dragged out of its reach by the two goons who pull me to the end of the end and start ripping my clothes off of me. My screams awaken the other two gangsters and they fight off the would be rapists and remind them that I am not to be harmed until "the Boss" can speak to me.

    The goons start arguing and even fistfighting and I am able to grab my bag and lunge at the door. One of the gangsters grabs my legs and pulls me to the floor, as the other three goons take no notice and continue fighting amounst themselves, and while the guy who has me struggles to hold my logs with both arms, my hands are free and I pull the gun out of my bag, unlock the safety and stoot the guy holding me squarely in the forehead. The other three gangsters stop fighting and stand stunned for a second as I scramble out of the dead man's grasp and for the door. The gangsters simutaneously reach for their steel and I am sure that I am dead when the motel room door is kicked in and a hail of machine gun bullets rips into the bodies of the remaining gangters and cuts them down where they stand.

    I look up and see the blond haired man from before standing there holding two mini tommi guns, blood from his own gunshot wounds all over his shirt and a trickle of blood out of his mouth. He is backlit from headlights in the parking lot and looks enraged as he stands there and stares down the bloody corpses of my kidnappers. His expression softens when he sees that I am alright and I don't know how he survived being shot several times but he takes me away from there and we continue drivng down the highway - I assume to New York City, but I am not sure because I cannot remember anything more from this dream other than that the blond man reveals that Prof. Alberts organized both the robbery and my kidnapping and was "the Boss" behind the whole mess. He also revels what the Eagle Crest is and why it is important (it is magic or something?) but I cannot remember exactly what the details were now.

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