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    Visions in the Dark

    Escaping the Military and the Controlled Flood

    by , 08-09-2011 at 02:25 PM (551 Views)
    The first part of the dream starts off with me in an as my dream incarnate Chun-li and I am in an unknown city. I am walking along an abandoned factory of some sort when I hear a helicopter. I know I have to hide and I duck inside where I meet a young man about my age with a beard and backpack. Even though I know that I am invunerable to physical harm, and have telekenetic powers, I am determined to avoid capture from the military chasing me. I convince the man to hide with me. Our hiding spot is not that great because of holes in the walls and ceiling through which we might be seen. The man finds a stairs down and susgests that we take it. The stairs leads to a series of underground tunnels where suspention bridges span deep holes.

    The military is chasing us on foot now and I have to use Chun-li's psyhic and telekenetuc powers to either avoid or kill pursuing soldiers. I feel bad because I know that these soldiers are not bad but just doing their jobs. I start trying to take prisioners rather than kill and I find out from one captured military commander that a special team in the military chasing us, called Unit 11, is now close. I let the other prisoners free, and even save one soldier from a granade blast by throwing myself on top of him when an agent of Unit 11 throws it in our direction.

    The bearded man with the backpack and I find our way out of the tunnels and into a forest where a nudist colony is camping. There are hundreds of people, most of the naked, just hanging around. They allow my male friend and I into the camp and let us hide there, but we are captured by Unit 11 when they raid the camp and find us in a huge crowd of people because we are the only one's with our cloths on. Thought I cannot remember the details the dream ends with my male friend and I somehow escaping the military and living in the forest camp together (though not as nudists) where the man makes a living writing poetry.

    The second part of the dream has me in my home province of Ontario and I am still my dream incarnate Chun-li and I still have psychic and telekentic powers. I am at the top of a cliff and use my powers to half fly half jump into a body of water. For some reason I think that floding a few of the Great Lakes will improve many cities on the water front and I use my powers to psychically tell people living at a certain level to move to higher ground. I use my telekenic abilities to carve away some cliffs and allow water from higher ground to fill the vally at a rapid rate.

    I fly into one city to see the progress of the water and see that Asian one man is very reluctant to leave is home, and stays even as his wife and son have left, and his neighbours are arguing with hime to leave. At first I try to use my telekenetic powers to pick him up and force him to move, but for some reason the power will not work. I fly down to him and convince him that his home will be remade bigger and better somewhere else if he leaves, and he agrees, but not before I help him move his pet hamster, rat and guinny pig.

    I help many people move to higher ground but not before I have a dream-within-a-dream where I see the water rushing into the cities to fast and washing thousands of people away from their supoosedly safe locations because the water is just too high and moving to fast, creating a kind of inland tsunami. Thankfully I wake up from this dream and help many people continue to find safe places. I use my psychic powers to avoid looting and even open up the financial markets to freer trade with other countries, including a clothing maker who uses nothing else other than alpaca wool. I do not remember any more of this dream.

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