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    Visions in the Dark

    Future of Chinese overlords and Vampires

    by , 10-28-2009 at 05:15 AM (414 Views)
    Dream starts off as a horror film like with a group of teens trying to escape and outwit a serial killer who looks like a scarecrow weilding a large scythe. The area it takes place is on a traintrack bridge over a wide river. Some teens are able to survive while others are killed. I am one of those lucky enough to survive. Near the end of the sequence various cartoon characters start appearing.

    The dream changes and it is now the future. It is after a big war which has devatated most of the human race. The Chinese have taken over and now rule the world. Everyone who is not Chinese is a prisoner or a fugitive. The dream landscape is similar to the previous sequence with a large traintrack bridge over a wide river but now there is a palace built in the middle of the river where the Chinese leaders gather to enforce their rule. From the inside this structure looks like a mall or something and it has huge glass windows and pools filled with humanoid aquatic monsters.

    Fugitive humans try to live in the wilderness surrounding the river but the aquatic monsters controlled by the Chinese contantly attack. Despite the low human population, the technology that survived the war is quite advanced. There are laser weapons and flying vehicles, as well as roofless transportation units that still utilize the train tracks across the bridge.

    Many of the people who live as fugitives are elderly or children. I am my Chinese dream incarnate Chun-li and I am living with some fugitives trying to help them escape capture and survive. Because I am Chinese many of the fugitives do not trust me. I am vaguely aware that I am in a dream and in some instances I can fly, though I do not gain full control of my actions or surroundings. The ability to fly comes and goes at random.

    It is night and I am sneaking into the River Palace to find something for the fugitives, though I do not know what. First I have to cross the river and I there is much debris in the river, though I do see a few old boats tied up to large poles sticking up in the water. I get into one boat but is has a hole in it and begins sinking quite rapidly. Before it goes completely under I am able to paddle over to another boat and get in it. I can't seem to untie this one but a raft floats by and I jump on it. I begin paddling the raft but notice that it is starting to deflate. I am able to paddle over to what looks like a glass picnic table and use that to float towards the River Palace.

    Despite the River Palace being the control center for the current world rulers it is devoid of people or soldiers and breaking in is easy. The main floor is covered in small tables with white table cloths and tea cups. The place looks ready to host many people. I weave my way around the tables to the other side of the room. I make my way to the upper floors and find that there are shadowy people wandering the halls but they do not look like soldiers. I try to avoid being seen as much as I can, but eventually several of these dark people are chasing me and I am forced to escape back down to the first floor.

    To avoid detection I slip into one of the indoor pools and hide beneathe the surface until the shadowy people go away. I start to swin across the pool but I attract the attention of two aquatic monsters that try and attack me. I am not afraid of the monsters because I know they can't hurt me and I fly out of the pool and out and open window near the roof. I land on the train track bridge that goes over the palace and see a railcar coming. I jump onto it as it goes by and jump out again when it nears the fugitive settlement. They are upset that I could not find what I was sent for and they don't believe me when I say that I couldn't remember what that thing was.

    Suddenly several Chinese soldiers attack the settlement. There are four of them and they are each riding what looks like a flying waterski. I don't know where they came from but I fear that I was followed home. The fugitives and I are loaded into a holding car and transported back along the railway track towards the River Palace. One of the elderly man fugitives pulls out a gun and starts waving it around. Fearing for the safety of the other people I convince the old man to point the gun at my chest and tell him that if he much shoot someone than that person should be me. I know that being shot will not kill me. Several of the other fugitives pull out silver forks and start throwing them at me. I am impaled several times and fall to the floor of the holding car. I am not injured or anything but believe for some reaons that pretending I am will make the fugitives feel better so I just play along.

    The holding car crosses the bridge and comes to a stop at another large palace looking building where several of the Chinese overlords live. As the holding car stops I stand up, pull the forks out of my body and return them to the people who threw them. One of the overlords appears and inspects the captured group. He is assessing who is able bodied for slave labor but I try to reason with him in Chinese to let all of them go because the fugitives are either too young or too elderly to be efficient workers. The dream becomes fuzzy and but there is a part where I am flying around the outside of the River Palace and the Bridge with the Chinese overloards trying to shoot me down or something before flying away out of their reach.

    I land underneath the bridge by the muddy river bank when a beautiful young man with porceline white skin and hair flies down from the sky towards me. He is wearing black pants and boots and is barechested except for a long black cape around his shoulders. He smiles at me seductively and I know he is a vampire. He floats in front of me and I feel drawn to him because he seems farmiliar somehow. In fact I feel like surrendering to him and letting him take me, a thought which he must have sensed becauses he smiles softly at me. I try to project with my thoughts that I do not want to fight him (for some reason I am unable to talk) but the vampire summons a large sea monster to fight me, rather than attack me directly.

    I have a long black whip with me and I drive the creature back into the sea. From behind me an elderly man in a dark overcoat and travellers hat appears and he gives me a silver knife and says that I can kill the vampire if I thrust this weapon into his heart. I am confused because I do not know whose side to take. The vampire lands on the beach and attacks the old man directly. The old man grabs me and tried to use me as a shield. I struggle free, turn around and stab him in the heart with the knife he just gave me. When the old man falls to the ground the vampire comes over to me and wraps his cape around me and holds me to his chest. He is warm and I feel comforted in his arms. He makes no attempt to bite me but just holds and caresses me.
    I think the end of the dream has us flying off together somewhere but I cannot remember anymore of this dream.

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