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    Visions in the Dark

    Guns, lions, and videogames

    by , 06-15-2010 at 05:00 AM (364 Views)
    Dream starts off with me in a very small town in a desert. There is a variety store that sell guns, and a fast food outlet, as well as a few houses scattered around. I am in the variety store looking at the guns that are displayed on a wall. There is something about someone trying to rob the variety store or something but he is chased away by the owners who have their own guns or something. I remember contemplating buying one but I cannot remember if I actually did or not.

    I go to a building next door (to the left) that seems like an art gallert or something but it is dark and empty of people. There is a raised platform at the back where suits of armor are displayed along side aquariums filled with gold fish embedded into the walls.

    I go back into the variety store and into a hall that connects it to the fast food joint (to the right). The hall is windowless and narrow, its walls made or cork board and it has a dirt floor. In the middle of the hall are two juvenile African lions. They are both male and one is a pale yellow, almost white in colour and the other is a dark golden colour. A women taking care of them tells me that they have been raised together and are the security system for the gun store. The lions are play fighting with one on it's back on the floor and the pouncing on top of it. As I walk by the lion on top growls and takes a swing at me, but then goes back to play fighting with it's brother.

    I am not in the fast food joint and the layout is really weird. The door I walked through leads to the eating area but it is seperated from the ordering counter by a stone and glass wall. To get to the counter you have to go outside to a door at the back of the store. I go outside and around and into the ordering area and make an order of a two burgers, some fries and a drink. The man and woman who own the store are of oriental decent and when they are done making my order they go into the eating area and start eating my fries. I have to go back around the store and into the eating area and take my food from them and ask for a refund since they ate half my fries. They say nothing and get up and leave the store.

    I eat my food and go back into the variety store which has changed in sixe and is now larger. There are arcade games at the back now as well as a few computers with games on them, though the computers look like open, three ringed binders. I am play a few games, one an RPG with princesses and another a shooting game and break the current records for best gameplay.

    The dream fades and I cannot remember anymore.

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