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    Visions in the Dark

    Habs dream

    by , 02-09-2011 at 07:35 PM (322 Views)
    I am outside of a building that looks like a college or something. It is winter and there are many young people about with backpacks and books. There is a circular fountain between two buildings that seems to be the center of the campus where many people meet and hang out. I am not there to attend classes and came to see a special store that is in one of the buildings. I can hear many of the people talking around me and they are all speaking french, so I think I am somewhere in Quebec. I talk with some people and find that I am able to speak fluent french, even though I cannot do so in waking life.

    I go inside the largest building and find a vaulted lobby that leads down the hall to a store selling Montreal Canadiens merchandise. In my dream this store is the only place in Canada to get authetic Habs memorabilia. There is a large glass case displaying rare items and many hockey cards. On either side of the case are two semi-circle staircases which lead up to a sort of indoor amphitheater. There are store entrances on both levels and I go in the one on the ground floor after seeing that the current best selling hockey card is going to be replaced with an newer one. The card has a smiling Brian Gionta (current captain of the Habs) on it, leaning on his hockey stick, but the name on the card says "Caberlay" or "Camerlay" or something like that and the number on the guys shirt is "8." I think this is odd because I am a big Habs fan and there are no players on the current roster wearing the number 8.

    They are selling old copies of the old card and I buy one. When I take it out of its sheath the vendor notices that it is damaged and offers to allow me to exchange it. I say no because I think it gives the card character. The vendor tells me that if I hang around for a little while, the new card is going to be revealed in the amphitheater in a few hours by the Canadiens team and they will be giving away free ones to anyone who shows up.

    Later I find my way to the amphitheater and find it crowded with people vying for spots near the front. I find a spot in the back corner of the room and hunker down, just glad that I found a place to sit. There is no one around me and I assume that it is because it is the very back row and no one else wants to sit there. The room is very full by the time the unveiling ceremony starts and many people are still cramming near the front for a good view. When the Montreal Canadiens team comes in the room they have to sit at the back because there are no other spots.

    Some hockey players from some other teams arrive to watch, and also have to sit or stand on the sidelines because of lack of space. In the end I have Scott Gomez sitting on my right and Jerome Iginla standing to my left. I am really exciting but I try not to show it and keep my facade stoic.
    The dream ends when Gomez gives me one of the new cards and Iginla gives me an autographed card of his.

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