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    Visions in the Dark

    I'm a ghost and can't find my body

    by , 06-18-2010 at 05:00 AM (520 Views)
    It is late in the night and their is no moon. I am wandering through some abandoned warehouses that have the floors ripped up. It lookes as if their is an excavation going on because there are deep pits and excavation tools laying around, but the building is dark and there is no one around. I wanter outside and come to a platform beside some train tracks. I don't know if the tracks are in use because they look old and are over grown with grass and stuff but a small train does arrive and I get on one of the passenger cars. All of the cars of the train are open to the outside or are roofless, more like tram cars or something.

    The train doesn't go very far and stops in front of what looks like a college or university. I get off and wander around the building and note that despite it being the middle of the night, there are many students and people around. I find my way inside and realize that no one can see me. I look down at myself and I am transparent like a ghost. I suddenly realize that I am dead and remember that I was murdered not long ago and I want someone to find my body so I can be at peace.

    There is a commotion with several of the students and they rush inside of the building. I follow them to the expansive library where many people have gathered and are watching a news report about the bodies of hundreds of murdered students being found in mass graves in a swampy area not far away. The police are unable to explain how so many students could go missing and be murdered without any evidence of who is behind it. Everyone on campus fears that a serial killer is on the loose and many people are afraid to leave the school grounds.

    While I do not become aware that I am in a dream and am able to consciously control my actions and I start to fly. I move through the walls of the college and high up into the air. I come to a beach along a river where there is a pink radio station with a large antena a top of it. Anong the beach are power line towers that are oversized and take up much of the space along the beach. There is a helicopter circling the radio tower while trying to dodge the over sized electrical towers. The copter is using its search light to scan the beach and the people who have gathered on it as well as the radio building itself. I can hear people on the beach saying that they think the killer is nearby or something.

    I follow the river and come to a lake where there are many coast guard boats transporting bodies found in the swamp on the other side of the lake. There are many police officers and heavy earth moving equipment. There are many hole in the ground and open graves where bodies have been found. Some of the bodies have been loaded into the back of trucks or onto boats for transport to the police station (or morgue or whatever).

    I cannot see nor sense my body anywhere so I fly back to the college and it has changed shape. It now looks like an old medieval castle with two circular towers on the outside and a courtyard in the middle, though it is still being used as a school. I fly inside on of the towers and find a young man sitting alone trying to meditate. I try to get his attention by moving things around the room like pushing a chair and blowing papers off a desk, but the young man is so deep in concentration that he does not notice. I fly through the walls of the building to the other tower on the other side. It is a conference room of sorts and many people have gathered to discuss the murders and watch updates on a tv.

    Again I try to get people's attention by moving stuff around and while people notice the unusual happenings, still no one can see me. A few people do acknowledge that there is a ghost in the room but someone points out that is obvious because off the mass murders taking place.
    I try to get people's attention some more but the dream eventually fades and I never find my body.

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