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    Visions in the Dark

    Killing cats

    by , 09-21-2009 at 08:00 AM (446 Views)
    This is the third dream I had on September 21st, 2009.

    I am at Lake Whittaker, the trailer park my parents go to every weekend in the summer. The park looks as it did as I remember it when I used to go there regularily with my parents when I was younger. My parents and I are in our old 1986 Westfalia and are parked down the hill, a few lots away from our actual trailer in a lightly forested area. The forest is similar to the one my aunt was dragging me through in the previous dream. Many of the lots surrounding the one we are on are occupied and everyone is inside their trailers or cars because there is a large brown bear on the loose.

    The creature is going from lot to lot roaring and scratching and shaking the trailers like it is trying to get in. When it comes to our Westfalia my dad tries to put it in reverse and drive away but the bear has no problem grabbing onto the vehical and keeping us in one spot. It shakes the van violently and almost flips it over before losing interest and walking over to another trailer and attacking it. Several men, including my father, sneak out of their vehicles and quietly make their way over to a creak to the left of where we are. There are men handing out semi-automatic weapons to kill the bear. Many people are armed and head back towards the lots where the bear was causing trouble but it is now nowhere in sight. I am relieved because, even though I was scared, I did not want to see one of nature's creature be injured or killed.

    Some time has passed and the trailer park is still trying to recover from the bear attack. Trailers, vehicles and trees have been badly damaged and many peopler are still trying to clean up their lots and repair the damage done to their property. I am at the park by myself now as my parents and the Westfalia are gone. I am walking from lot to lot looking for large peices of wood, either as fuel for a fire or peices large enough to carve. I come across a lot where a medium sized, grey barked tree has been felled and a man who looks like a young Steve Smith (Red Green) is cutting it into sections. Beside his trailer lot is a cemetary containing small gravestones dating from recent times back to hundreds of years. The graveyard is surrounded by a low iron fence and much of it is covered in autumn leaves that have fallen to the ground. I look around a bit before I start helping the man section the tree but I have a small hatchet while he has a chainsaw.

    The man's wife, a portly woman with short blond hair lights a coleman stove and cooks up some hotdogs. Many people come to eat but the woman doesn't offer the food freely and people have to pay. Apparently many people in the trailer park are starving because they haven't been able to get their own food because they have been too busy trying to make repairs their lots, or as the case with many of them, for some reason they do not know how to cook. I realize that I myself am very hungry but only have small change on me and cannot afford a hotdog. The dream gets blurry and I cannot remember a bit but there is someone about me freely giving what change I have to the lady, but not getting a hot dog, but not being bothered by it.

    Because I am starting to stave I decide to go fishing in the lake. I stand on the shore at the boat launch and try to catch some fish, even small crappies because I am so hungry. Three or four people come down to where I am to watch me fish, hoping that I will give them some of my catch. I do catch three small fish and take them back to my trailer to skin and cook, but because I am not the greatest at preparing fish and because they are so small I do not get much meat off of them and what meat I have I give to some of the starving people in the park because they cannot fend for themselves and I feel bad for them.

    I am starting to feel delerious because of lack of food and manage to capture three or four black cats that I noticed appear around my trailer. I calmly capture them, knock them on the back of the head to kill them (like you would with a fish) and start skinning them like I would a fish. After skinning them and cooking the cats I eat my fill of meat and have enough to share with some other hungry people. In the back of my mind I am appalled at what I have done, but another part of my mind thinks that it was okay to kill and eat the cats because I was starving. I do not feel too upset though at what I have done but I remember wishing that things could have turned out differently.

    The dream ends there.

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