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    Visions in the Dark

    Link and the colonial mansion.

    by , 05-07-2011 at 10:49 AM (579 Views)
    (There is a "trigger warning" on the content of this dream.)

    I cannot remember the beginning of this dream but the main character is Link from the Ledgend of Zelda series, but instead of a green tunic he is wearing jeans, t-shirt and a black leather jacket. He is also carrying a dark blue napsack over his sholder and does not have a sword. It is night and Link is walking through a small town that looks abandoned. All the lights are out and there are no cars or people on the streets. The houses and buildings lining the street are completely dark and even the street lamps are out. The only source of light is the full moon.

    The town gives way to a huge parkspace with many trees and cobblestone paths. In the very center of the park is a colonial mansion sitting in from of a large stone fountain. Link is drawn towards the colonial mansion because there are lights burning on the bottom floor and he thinks it may not be abandoned like the rest of the town seems to be.

    As Link approaches the house he sees a young woman standing alone near the corinthian pillars at the house's front facade. Suddenly a black van comes speeding up to the house's driveway and stops right in front of the fountain. A heavy built, beaded man jumps out of the van and grabs the young woman and throws her down on the ground. The hairy man undos his pants and tries to rape the young woman but Link jumps in and hits the man with his napsack. The young woman runs away as Link kicks the rapist in the head a few times. The hairy man crawls back into his van and tries to drive away but crashes his van into the fountain, causing water to flood the mansion's driveway.

    Link can suddenly hear many voices coming from inside the house, as well as rock music, and follows the sounds to a large room where many people are sitting around little tables drinking beer while a live band plays in the back. It actually looks like Link has just stepped into a seedy bar of somekind, the only difference being the large bay windows that look out over the park.

    There is a man in a dark suit of great importance at the largest table, surrounded by body guards and gyrating women, and he signals to Link to join him at the table. They have a conversation but I cannot remember what was said now, though near the end I vaguely remember Link telling the other man that he does not want to be enemies anymore and is just trying to get along with him, or something.

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