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    Visions in the Dark

    Link in Hell

    by , 07-22-2010 at 12:17 PM (460 Views)
    Dream starts off with Link from the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time entering a dark dungeon with grey stone walls. A narrow hall leads to a large square shaped room that has a platform in the center with bridges leading to doors in the southern and eastern walls. The platform is surrounded by dead bodies, hanging from chains, suspended over flaming pits of lava.

    Instead of a creature from the Ocarina of Time the first enemy encountered there is a cacodemon from the Doom videogame series. Link cannot kill it because it floats just out of range of his Master Sword, above his head, near the ceiling. Link escapes through the door in the south and finds himself in a small maze of long halls with many identical looking doors. Most of the doors are fake and the halls dead ends but Link stumbles upon a fake wall in the eastern part of the maze that leads to a room with a treasure chest that contains the Eye of Truth.

    The new treasure reveals which doors are real and which are false and also shows entrances to hallways that were hidden behind fake walls. Down one such hidden halls in the weatern part of the maze Link encounters more cacodemons but is able to kill them this time because the hallways has a very low ceiling and the demons cannot float out of reach of his sword. Beyond them is a short "t" shaped hall extension that Link quickly discovers is booby trapped. When he tries to reach the treasure chest at the far end of the hallway, rockets come flying out of a hidden alcove in the opposite end of the hall. Link's shield is unable to effectively protect him from the exploding rockets so he is forced to retreat to the entrance of the "t" shaped hall to figure out what to do next.

    Just then a cacodemon comes wandering down the hall and Link lures it into the "t" shaped hall. The rockets start firing at the new target, which becomes confused and tries to attack the wall hiding the rocket launcher, and while he has a chance, Link runs to the treasure chest and claims the prize which turns out to be the Biggoron's Sword. He runs out of the hall mazy and back to the central room where there is now one of those brain demons. Despite it being twice the size and strength of a cacodemon, Link makes short work of it with the Biggoron's sword and moves goes through the door in the eastern wall.

    The next room is similar to the hallway maze but instead of walls and fake doors the maze is made up of public bathroom stalls that are all painted light blue. Some stalls are the entrance to new hallways of stalls but because all of the stalls have doors that are closed, Link has to check them all one at a time. For some reason the Eye of Truth will not work here and some stalls contain hidden cacodemons and other monsters, making searching for the exit tedious and frustrating.

    The dream becomes fuzzy but Link ends up in another large room facing more of the brain demons after finding his way out of the bathroom stall maze. There is a door that leads outside and onto the tarmac of a parking lot where a 1979 brown chevy Nova sits. The landscape of the surrounding area is an arid desert like you would find in Arizona. A man behind the wheel of the car, who looks like Bob Hoskins, and a woman with brown wavy hair, urge Link to get in the car.

    The exit of the dungeon smashes open and one of those huge cyberdemons with a rocket launcher for an arm comes stomping out. Link tries cutting it's leg with the Biggoron's sword but it has no effect so he dives into the backseat and the car burns rubber to get out of there and onto a deserted highway. It doesn't go very though because it the blast from an exploding rocket causes it to spin out of control and into a dirt patch on the other side of the highway.

    The three occupants of the car lay low and very still because they believe that if they they do not move the demon will not be able to see them. Apparently it works as the demon seems to have lost sight of the car despite the fact that it is a mere 50 feet away.

    I cannot remember any more of the dream.

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